CRIMINAL MINDS “Lauren” Review


CRIMINAL MINDS “Lauren” Season 6 Episode 18 – Prentiss is gone-kinda. For the show Criminal Minds, I’m devastated. Paget Brewster has consistently given a high calibre performance at odds with the often flat material of false emotion perpetuating these sorts of police genres shows. Her Emily Prentiss was a woman who relied on her confidence rather than her cleavage.

The episode itself was pretty awful (writing wise, directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, it was fine), with contrivances and dues ex machinas galore. The only thing that kept it from falling flat was the stakes of the characters.

In the first part of the episode, Morgan was outraged that Prentiss had, in his eyes, betrayed the team. He was disturbed that she could use such callous methods as a flash grenade, he could not feel empathy for her. This promised a fantastic dramatic confrontation, but all we got was the clichéd outgoing death scene which was utterly ruined by the door left open when JJ handed an envelope with passports and money to a woman…to…oh my god, she’s alive! Of course CBS kept Prentiss alive. If Blonde A and Blonde B don’t mesh well, or if Brewster’s new comedy show flops, then she can reappear in a ‘very special episode’.

I mention Blonde A, because JJ returned from the State Department to help out. JJ was given her exit. Every time she and Seaver appear on screen it just highlights the crappy studio decision to axe the female blonde beauty (who, over the course of six seasons proved herself very good in the role) and change that role up with another beautiful blonde female. Will JJ be returning for good, or was it just a once off?

Between the awful accents, the mispronunciation of the surname ‘Fahy’ (it’s ‘fah-hee’ not ‘fay-ee’) and the stake in the gut, I really hope Brewster finds herself on a show that services her talent better.

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