BONES “The Blackout in the Blizzard” Review

BONES (FOX) The Blackout in the Blizzard

BONES “The Blackout in the Blizzard” Season 6 Episode 16 – Well they did it, Booth and Bones actually did it. No, not that, but they did talk about that and have decided that for now, nothing is going to happen between them. Am I surprised they came to that conclusion? No. Would I have like it to go another way? Okay, maybe a little.

The truth is though that I just don’t know if I could see this show working with those two as a couple. It’s not like, say Psych for instance, where the couple in question doesn’t make up the (pardon the pun) bones of the show. On Psych the partnership is really between Shawn and Gus, so when Shawn started dating Juliet, nothing really got messed up with the major dynamic of the show. But this show is a whole other matter. Booth and Bones being a couple would totally affect everything. Maybe it wouldn’t be in a bad way, but it would definitely be in some way.

So for now I think I’m happy they made the decision they did and that things are going to go back to the way they were before. I’m sure the subject will come up again and I’m sure there’s still a lot of emotion to be had, all of which I will enjoy as it happens.

My favorite bits…

Cracking up at the fact that Booth and I totally share the same opinion on the whole “climate change” thing.

Booth getting so excited when he saw the guys leaving stadium seats by the side of the road.

Hodgins warning to Wendell to save himself after he inadvertently said “Holy cow” when Angela walked into the room. Yeah, that is so not something you want to say to a pregnant woman.

Booth actually being surprised that emergency services hung up on him.

The fact that both Booth and Bones panicked when Sweets put his arm into the elevator. I never would have thought of that either. Scary.

Even thought they explained it slowly and for the benefit of those of us not scientifically inclined, I still had no clue how that x-ray thing worked but it was totally awesome.

Bones actually getting angry at Booth.

Booth: “She wants to sit on my shoulders.” Sweets: “Traditionally people do that the other way around.”

Booth and Bones going down in a heap and poor Booth hurting his back again.

Sweets refusing to stop talking about Booth and Bones, even when Booth threatened to throw the peas at him…but then stopping when Booth actually did throw the peas at him. Wow, it’s not often you see Booth that mad.

Angela getting hungry when she smelled..oh my god! *covers mouth*

Really enjoying the effect of the hundreds of candles that Wendell lit under the skeleton.

The look on Hodgins face when he saw that he’d broken the rare historical item worth upwards of $50,000. LOL.

Hodgins trying to hide the fact that he was scared about the baby, too.

Wendell remarking that Hodgins had lost his mind when he strapped himself to the ceiling and began unhooking an emergency light. Do ya think???

Finding out why the seats were so important to Booth. The part where he said that his father had quit drinking just long enough to remember that he was his kid, that killed me.

Hodgins breaking down while he told Wendell that he was a carrier too.

Wendell watching from outside the room and seeing that he was right about Angela not hating Hodgins. So incredibly sad and sweet.

Cracking up at the fact that every time Sweets came back to see Booth and Bones, he was wearing even more ridiculous clothing.

Booth apologizing to Sweets without actually saying the words and Sweets totally getting it.

Not being at all surprised to find out that, in between getting clothes for himself and aspirin for Booth, Sweets had been helping Mrs. Ross and her daughter learn to talk to each other. I heart Sweets.

Wendell making the biggest potato battery, like, ever…and Hodgins calling it “spudtacular.”

Getting another glimpse of a pair of Booth’s wacky socks.

Booth and Bones talking about how satisfying sleeping together would be since they both had lots of stamina. LOL.

Booth and Bones admitting that they would never work as a couple. Whoa.

Wendell and Hodgins flipping out and tripping over each other to try and get more potatoes for the battery.

Booth and Bones finding those girls peeking through that window.

Booth flinging out his arms and legs and trying very hard not to touch the extremely large man that had landed on top of him.

The “G’night man” and “thanks buddy” exchanged between Hodgins and Wendell.

Hodgins planning to take up piano and urging Angela to take up sculpture, until she started quoting numbers to him and agreed that they could handle anything together.

Bones saying that she was now strong and no longer impervious.

Bones accusing Booth of “humping the gun.”

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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