AMERICAN IDOL “Top 11 Revealed” Review

AMERICAN IDOL Top 11 Revealed

American Idol “One Voted Off”, Season 10 Episode 19 – What’s up, everybody? Your regular reviewer is off this week, so I will be filling for this episode. You may recognize me for my reviews of the CSI shows and Survivor, or you may not. Whatever, it’s not important. What is important is that I get to review the episode of American Idol where both the Black Eyed Peas and Lee Dewyze perform! This is the best night of my life! (For those of you not familiar with my writing style, that was sarcasm.)

Thankfully we got a little bit of results before we got to the terrible performances. Well…kind of. I’m not a big fan of Ryan’s fake-out results, like when he faked Casey into thinking he was in the bottom three. These results shows are so dang long as it is, we can whittle the results down so quickly by just cutting quickly to the bottom three. However, when Lee Dewyze came on stage, he made me start begging for Ryan’s meandering fake-outs.

Lee Dewyze has got to be the most boring Idol of all time. I didn’t think it was possible to get a more boring idol than Kris Allen, but he didn’t hold that crown for very long, did he? Even the judges looked bored after his performance. I think the best word to sum up how I feel about Lee is “Vanilla”. He’s not bad, he’s not great, his song wasn’t terrible, he’s just so middle of the road. When you take his performance and stage presence and compare it to Adam Lambert from last week, it’s like night and day.

It’s OK though, because he didn’t hold the title for worst performance of the night very long. The Black Eyed Peas decided to follow up their…unique Superbowl performance by performing on the second most watched TV show in America. And guess what? It was awful. Here’s my question: Who keeps booking these guys? I guess they sell a lot of records somehow, but dude. It’s like watching Tron singing a bad hip-hop song.

At the end of the day, we say goodbye to Karen (who?). Since I don’t usually review this show, I’m gonna go ahead and get my money’s worth with complaints. Here we go: Why on earth are the result shows still an hour long? Remember when these results shows were half an hour? It’s true, they were! American Idol could easily take out the crappy performances, cut that stupid Judges Save, and give us a nice, clean half-hour results show. Instead we get sub-par performances from “popular” recording artists, a host who’s stalling for time, and a “Judges Save” song sung by somebody who America already decided they don’t want to hear anymore! I say make it 30 minutes, and give a great new sitcom an awesome lead in instead. You get a great new show like Raising Hope, or you develop a new show, and you give it the best lead-in in television! You give thousands of new people jobs, get an opportunity to develop another successful show, and still get your viewers for American Idol! Come on Idol, let’s do it!

Random Thoughts:

– What was up with that whole “Luck of the Irish” thing? Was it a mistake? Man, I hope so.

– How about Steven Tyler’s shamrock necklace? Every time I see him on this show I like him a little more.

– They honestly could have cut out both performances and just shown Casey doing the moonwalk for 5 minutes straight. The episode would have scored higher in my book.

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