V “Mother’s Day” Review

V Season 2 Episode 10 Mother's Day (ABC)

V “Mother’s Day” Season 2 Finale – So um, don’t know about you guys V fans, but I about fell off of my couch when I watched “Mother’s Day”. Let me just get this out early on in this review – I’M FURIOUS THAT THIS WAS THE FINALE! I feel that I need to know RIGHT NOW what happens and how things progress.

I understand that this is the POINT of a finale, but with the uncertainty of not knowing if V is getting picked up for a third season, I HATE to think of this being the ending of this series. But, I digress.

Let’s talk about “Mother’s Day”. The fifth column has decided to overthrow Anna as queen of the Visitors, and in order to do this, they devise a plan to “kidnap” Lisa. In exchange for Anna’s life, the column will let Lisa go unharmed.

Obviously Erica (with the help of Diana!) has more up her sleeve than that. she’s actually going to have Lisa kill Anna. Lisa is the last person Anna will suspect, and the only person that Anna’s security will let her be alone with. So it’s up to Lisa to kill mommy.

Up on the mother ship, Amy and Anna have some quality time together which Lisa ends up seeing. and she doesn’t appear to be pleased. Would you if your mother never hugged you, but all of a sudden was in love with this new kid? I like to think that this scene was part of the reason Lisa agreed to go through with the fifth column’s plan.

During the kidnapping heist, where Anna played the part of the worried mother REALLY well, Ryan sneaks onto the ship and he and Joshua spring Diana from her cell. Diana will now take her rightful place as queen.

Sounds great in theory. Anna does to go save Lisa, but catches Lisa’s reflection in a broken mirror and plays her daughter like a fiddle. After mom says that she’s embracing human emotion, Lisa lowers her weapon and walks out with Anna, much to the dismay of Erica and Chad. and everyone else.

Did I mention that Lisa killing Anna was pretty much the last hope for humanity? This is not something that Erica forgets to tell Lisa, either.

Meanwhile, Diana is greeting her children and giving a REALLY moving speech (in a FANTASTIC dress, I might add) about embracing emotion and how Visitors and humans can live together peacefully when BAM – she gets a lizard tail through the heart.

Anna’s back and she’s PISSED. Now that Diana is dead, Anna delivers my favorite line of the episode to Lisa: “THAT is how you kill your mother.” and locks her in Diana’s old cell. She then greets her subjects and pretty much threatens their lives and orders them to follow her.

Erica calls Tyler and tells him EVERYTHING about the Visitors. that the are really lizards (I doubt that she used that phrase) and that he needs to get off the ship. Of course, Tyler replies “I have to hear this from Lisa” because he’s a little brat.

And he’s in luck! Event though Lisa version 1.0 is locked in Diana’s cell, the other “queen egg” has hatched and Anna has put Lisa’s skin on her new daughter, in order to have her breed with Tyler.

Tyler goes to Lisa v. 2.0 and, to give him credit, he does TRY to talk to her about the visitors being different, but Lisa is able to quiet his thoughts and soon Tyler is thinking with his downstairs brain. They do end up “breeding”, and she ends up killing Tyler. And the entire time Lisa v. 1.0 is forced to watch from a screen that Anna set up for her in her cell. poor Lisa. Bet you’re wishing you would’ve killed your mother now!

That was another of my favorite lines – Anna saying to Lisa: “I wasn’t lying when I said not all emotion is bad. This is called vengeance.”

Erica is then introduced to Lars the leader of “Project Ares” (Nice touch with the name – Ares is the god of war), which is set up miles underground and is the last hope of humanity. It’s a good thing it IS underground, because Anna decides to bliss all humans, and almost dies doing so. That is until little Amy walks in and helps. and all of this after the little girl has killed Ryan.

The bliss-ing works and now humans are just zombies staring at the mother ship. PHEW! Sorry for the long recap, but this was a CRAZY episode!

So we have the death count at 3: Diana, Ryan, and Tyler (which is going to break my heart with Erica finds out about him. but I can’t say that I wasn’t happy to see him go). We have two versions of Lisa, and humanity are mindless shells of themselves ready to do Anna’s bidding.

Can someone tell me if I’m mistaken – but didn’t Anna have to wait for Lisa to get her breeding skin or something? Why is Lisa v. 2.0 just ready to go straight out of the egg?

My favorite bits:

  • When Lisa arrived at the fifth column’s base in a hearse and coffin. I understand they did it so she wouldn’t be detected, but I thought it was REALLY poetic.
  • The mask that Chad was wearing during the kidnapping video made me laugh. Nice alien masks, guys.
  • Actually seeing what the Visitors look like without skin. Lisa v 2.0 was NOT pretty. For a TV show, that was some great effects work.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell is astounding. Her panic about Tyler when he was aboard the ship, not to mention the heartbreak on her face when she saw Jack staring up at the sky was wonderful. She’s amazing and needs to be in more.
  • All I can say is I’m so sad that this is the end of this series! I SINCERELY hope that V is given a season three, but until we know for sure – we are of peace. always.