SYM-BIONIC TITAN “Under the Three Moons” Review

SYM-BIONIC TITAN “Under the Three Moons” Episode 17 – Last week’s action packed episode of Sym-Bionic Titan was a tough act to follow, and whatever high school drama we missed out on in that episode, we got plenty of tonight.

Modula reappears to wreak havoc for our protagonists down on Earth. The creature this week was cool and as always, it was nice to see the Titan fighting, but it felt as though the Sym-Bionic Titan action served a secondary role as a cut away to emphasize the high school drama. While Modula was unsuccessful at sending a creature out to Earth to destroy Ilana, he did succeed at bringing misery to Octus/Newton and Kimmy.

I really enjoyed watching Kimmy swoon over Octus and get excited over planning out all the details of going to the dance with him. I also laughed out loud at Octus’ Buddy-The-Elf-esque snowball fight scene where he instinctively protects her from the oncoming snowball ambush with high speed snowball throwing. I loved watching Octus prep for the dance at the mall and try on tuxes. When he came out in a slimmed down body to match his slim cut suit, I realized that there was part of Octus that was as excited to go to that dance as Kimmy was. It was so cute watching him blush when Kimmy came in and kissed him on the cheek and even though he may not completely understand it yet, he’s got genuine feelings for Kimmy and I like seeing that side of him develop.

Kimmy is more perceptive than maybe I had given her credit for before. The fact that she immediately notices when Octus’ expression changes for a transmission signal means that she’s been completely tuned into Octus when she’s with him. She might not know why he zones out, but she knows that it means his mind is not with her in that moment. She’s paid attention to these habits of his while most other students – including Maribelle and Jason – are oblivious.

This is why I can’t blame Kimmy for breaking up with him at the end of the night. If she was simply being petty or selfish, I think I would have been annoyed, but I didn’t get that sense from her at all. She was simply excited to be with him for an important night. I too would have been devastated if my homecoming date ditched me on the way to a dance and left me alone by telling me he had to go to the bathroom – with Lance and Ilana. Putting myself in her shoes, she actually seemed pretty levelheaded in her reaction and I felt terrible for her alone at the dance.

Octus’ Say Anything moment, holding the boom box over his head blasting commercials instead of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” was hilarious. As funny and sweet as it was, it’s not enough for any self respecting girl to be willing to accept an apology for a mysterious disappearance and a broken promise without an honest explanation. I’m happy that Kimmy had enough confidence to stand up for herself when she was hurt. Even if it is for her own safety, it’s not fair for her to be lied to in a relationship and maybe they shouldn’t be together until Octus can at least tell her enough to know that he’s doing top secret work that is of the ultimate importance. I have a feeling she’d be surprisingly supportive of him despite the initial shock. I feel bad for both of them because I think they help one another grow, but at this point, it seems the only way they would be able to get back together is if Octus has an honest conversation with her.

Even though this Sym-Bionic Titan episode was high school drama heavy and action-lite, the relationships are done so well that it didn’t drag. Because of the little details put into each of the character’s interactions, I’ve also come away from tonight’s episode appreciating Kimmy and her relationship with Octus in a way that I didn’t really notice to before.