SURVIVOR REDEMPTION ISLAND (9) We Hate Our Tribe Episode 5

SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND “We Hate Our Tribe”, Season 22 Episode 5 – This week’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island had one of the funniest opening of recent memory. “We Hate Our Tribe” showed us some vintage Philip moments including incredibly awkward comments made about sleeping with Rob, stretching in his reddy-tighties, and generally being awesome. All of this happened before the opening theme song! Man I love this guy. The pre-theme song scenes are usually just throwaway scenes where we see the immediate fallout from Tribal, so it was fun to have some good comedic scenes for a change.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Redemption Island Duel being used as a meeting place for the two tribes. I thought that it was just going to be a chance for the tribes to see who got sent home and who’s staying at Redemption Island, but now it’s starting to become a mini-Tribal Council where the two tribes get to interact with each other pre-merge. I was excited to see more games played at the Duel, but it seems like a lot of the games so far have just been repeats or re-imaginings of previous Survivor games. Matt is really quite a force in these games. The only person I could see giving him a run for his money is Rob, but I don’t think he’ll be going to Redemption Island anytime soon.

Didn’t Julie say the exact same thing about karma catching up to them last week before the challenge? Then they won…so doesn’t that kind of nullify anything about karma? Apparently not, as karma finally came back to bite them this week. How perfect was it that while Stephanie was being thrown under the bus by her tribe mates, we see a vulture in the background devouring a corpse? Perfect editing there. Also, I’m really starting to not like David very much, and I’m not sure Steve knows what attorneys do. Oh they solve puzzles for a living, do they? They’re just in the courtroom solving mazes and word puzzles, huh?

One more thing before I wrap up. I know Russell went home last episode, and some of you may hate him, but man he really knows how to pick teammates! Listening to Stephanie and Krista is like listening to two mini-Russells. Unfortunately they don’t have Russell’s talent for last minute scrambling, as they both basically resigned to the fact that they would be going home. Krista was sent to Redemption Island to get beat by Matt in next week’s Duel, so I’ll talk to you all next week when that happens!

Random Thoughts:

– Does anybody out there play the Survivor Fantasy Game? Every year I tell myself I’m going to do it but I always forget about it once the season starts. What is it all about?

– Philip’s crab analogy actually made a lot of sense! It really takes you off guard when he says intelligent things! But then he followed it up by yelling “Hoo rah!” while throwing his spear at a tiny crab. Well played, Philip.

– Can somebody please make a GIF of Philip doing his dance so I can look at it for hours on end? Kthxbai.

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