OFF THE MAP “I’m Home” Review

Off The Map (ABC) cast

OFF THE MAP “I’m Home” Season 1 Episode 10 – Lily takes a few days off after losing that patient last week and her first patient when she comes back to the clinic turns out to be none other than Mateo’s cocaine-growing mother. Like Lily, I don’t think I’ll ever agree with what they do but I also felt moved by the woman’s story about wanting to put in her children’s mouths. I’m thinking it’s more than likely that Lily and Mateo may have another shot, now that they’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other.

Mina and Tommy are going through that very awkward stage after sleeping together. Tommy can’t stop seeing her naked whenever he looks at her and Mina, well no she’s not thinking of him naked, but she’s definitely feeling it too. Both of them confide in Lily, putting her squarely in the middle, which is never fun. In the end though, they finally just talk it out and agree that it was a mistake and that they both need to move on.

Then there was Ryan, who didn’t want to admit to anyone, not even herself, how sick she was. But when she passes out during an operation, she sees the truth and begins to accept it.

My favorite bits…..

Cole telling Ryan about the outbreak because he knew it would cheer her up. Aw, so sweet.

Tommy being pretty sure that he saw a movie about a women’s prison on a remote island and he was also pretty sure he liked it. Yeah, I’ll be he did.

Ryan telling Ben that she was making her feel weak and she needed him to make her feel strong. Oh, that was a great line.

Cracking up at Lily’s patient when she talked about treating her knee by getting drunk in the bathtub..and then finding out she was Mateo’s mom. Uh oh…

Ryan tackling the super huge prison dude.

Jumping when Mateo’s mom fell down the stairs. Whoa.

Finding out that Cole’s patient’s “invisible friend” is actually real.and an American.

Becky describing how she and Hugo communicated through the wall every day.

Totally wanting to barf when Ben held up that blob of worms.

Tommy telling Charlie that Alma broke up with him because he played her favorite board gave with Mina. Now there’s a way I’ve never heard it put before.

Cracking up when Charlie asked Mina if Tommy beat her ass bad too. ROTFLMAO!

Cracking up even harder when Charlie told Tommy off for not explaining what really happened and explaining that he wasn’t five years old.

Tommy asking Lily if she thought that when Mina looked at him in surgery, she was thinking of him the same way he was thinking of other words, naked.

Ben taking the guard’s hand and putting it inside his patient so he could give Ryan mouth to mouth. Yikes!

Hugo waking up and totally knowing that Becky would be gone when Cole opened the curtain.

Ben pointing out to Ryan that she may need him to make her feel strong but he needed her to live and admit that she was weak.

Mina: “What’s he staring at?” Lily: “Not your boobs.”

Lily sticking that huge needle in Mateo’s mom’s chest.

Cole pointing out to Becky that running was not the same as being free.

Becky and Hugo getting the chance to see each other for the first time.

Mateo’s mom asking Lily, since she saved her life that day, how was she not a hero?

Giggling at the whole “board games” conversation between Mina and Tommy.

Tommy asking Mina if she pictured him naked. LOL.

Lily offering to treat Mateo’s mother at her home, even if she will never agree with what they do.

Ryan finally accepting her condition by bringing her medical bracelet to Ben and having him put it back on her.

What did you think of this episode of Off The Map? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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