LIGHTS OUT “Cut Men” Review


LIGHTS OUT “Cut Men” Season 1Episode 10 – As we near the end of Lights Out the show gets quiet for an introspective look at Lights’ life coming up to his final battle with Reynolds, who is ready for one fight, and one fight only. But last week Romeo and Johnny’s fight left Lights with a scissor in his side. This week, Romeo is gone, and he might never have been. Except for a few seconds in the last week, on Light’s Out and the sporadic mention, Romeo is history. This is a shame, because Eamonn Walker was a real bright light for a show with so many dull moments. Holt McCallany is giving a powerhouse performance, but the other characters are crippled by flawed writing and acting.

There was a lot of focus on Lights’ sister’s relationship with Brennan. Brennan might care about her, he may just be breaking her heart to get at Lights, which seems like a ridiculously complicated way to ensure Lights’ loyalty to him, as if the arm breaking wasn’t insurance enough.

The show will probably churn out a brilliant final few episodes, but this was a lull. It tried to be introspective, it tried to be dramatic with Teresa’s residency sacrifice and Lights’ super quick healing deal, but the gaping hole left by the abrupt absence of Romeo and the silliness of keeping Lights’ father away after his son was stabbed just meant the episode was more boring than any that preceded.

Lights is back worrying about money, he’s returned to agonising over his fight with Reynolds. This episode did have a one on one between Reynolds and Lights but it wasn’t in the ring and it felt totally forced. Reynolds is a guy whose house is filled with tai chi decor. He should have had enough cool to hold on to his temper.

Mike the reporter guy is probably my least favourite character on the show. He gets pushed around by Lights and then he is sincerely sorry to see Lights miss out on his fight with Reynolds? If you’re going to have a nosey journalist poking around in Lights’ life, at least make him savvy. Let him find out about the arm Lights broke.

It was not bad by any stretch, but it left a lot to be desired.

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