JUSTIFIED “Blaze of Glory” Review

JUSTIFIED Blaze of Glory Season 2 Episode 6

JUSTIFIED “Blaze of Glory” Season 2 Episode 6 – The only truly disappointing part about tonight’s episode was the fact that it only had one single scene with Raylan and Boyd. But I guess since last week’s episode was a regular Boyd-fest, I guess I can live with that…sorta.

This week was pretty much all about Winona after she runs across a box of cash in an evidence locker and thinks about taking it. Scratch that, she does a heck of a lot more than think about it. She actually does take one bill all the way to a bank to see if it’s real and while there, ends up in a robbery. Which gets Raylan involved and now he’s helped her to hide it.

Anyone else finding it funny how Boyd stole money last week and brought it to Ava and asked her to help him hide it and now basically the same scenario is happening with Winona and Raylan? I also found it very interesting that Raylan didn’t hesitate for even half a second to do it. It made Boyd’s comment to Raylan about doing anything to protect the woman you care about, even more significant.

Mullen had a much bigger role in this episode too, since one of the bank robbers was an old quarry of his from back in the day. I liked that he got the chance to do a little more than just stand around and growl and occasionally throw insults at people. Not that he doesn’t do that very well, but still. Plus, that final scene with him and Frank was priceless.

My favorite bits…

The way Boyd could make his intentions very clear with just the offer to come across a table, and nothing more specific than that.

Mullen actually saying the words that Boyd didn’t say and totally defending Ava too. Didn’t expect that.

Boyd putting out to Raylan that not only has he been in the same situation of wanting to do anything to protect a woman he cared deeply about, but has been there with the same woman.

Gary mortgaged their house for a champion Arabian horse? Okay I used to have an Arabian so I think I have every right to say this… Bwahahahaa! Hey I love horses but seriously, WTF was he thinking?

Winona claiming she went a good five or six minutes without thinking about Raylan while lying in bed.

Raylan kinda laughing when he heard about the horse, too.

Winona saying that she was beginning to wonder if maybe they had changed and both of them talking about sitting in rocking chairs someday.

The discussion about children, except when it got to the point where Winona wanted Raylan to quit his job. Okay maybe I’m just the odd woman out here, but I can’t imagine asking someone to give up something they love to do unless they wanted to.

Huh, I totally thought that oxygen was just for show, too.

Winona asking Raylan to shoot the scumbag in the nuts.

Frank’s wife referring to the “interwebs.” LOL.

Being pretty impressed by Frank, oxygen tank and all, throwing the punk up against the wall and threatening to beat him to death with said tank.

Winona realizing that the money she took could be traced back to her. Oops.

Mullen offering to let Raylan be there when they get the punk and be sure he bumps his head or something like that. Aw, now ain’t that sweet?

Mullen and the Frank reminiscing over the good old times when they were hunter and hunted. The plastic grapes comment cracked me up cuz my grandma literally used to have a bunch of those in her living room.

Raylan: “You get into the hard drive.” Chris: “What am I, an asshole?” Raylan: “No.”

The way Raylan made his presence known by just moving his jacket and letting the guard see his badge.

Raylan calling Bobby a dumbshit.

Bobby actually being the smart one Raylan guessed he was and giving up. Good job.

Raylan punching out the idiot and telling him in Harlan county they knew the difference between dynamite and road flares. So freaking awesome.

Mullen asking Frank if he remembered the end of Jaws and threatening to put a bullet in his tank but then reluctantly going off and starting one of the slowest foot chases I’ve ever seen in my life. It was both sad and hilarious.

Mullen telling Frank that smoking would kill him and then taking out a bit of chew.

Mullen telling Frank to kiss his ass when he offered to carry the case of money. That was a very sneaky (and clever) way for him to get that bill back for Winona thought.

Raylan and Winona agreeing that they were going to have to talk about what happened with the money, but not right then.

Not being able to get Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory” out of my head the whole time I watched this ep..c’mon admit it, you know you started humming it too, the moment you saw the title of the ep.

What did you think of this episode of Justified? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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