THE EVENT “Turnabout” Review

The Event 'Turnabout'

THE EVENT “Turnabout” Season 1 Episode 13 – After breaking out the Inostranka detainees, Thomas sets his sights on getting fuel for the portal array. With a little help from an old acquaintance, he cons Sophia into warning the government about an imminent attack on a nuclear power station. Arrangements are made for the uranium rods to be transported to a research facility, but Thomas and co attack the convoy and get away with the rods.

Meanwhile, Sean leaves Leila and goes to visit his sister to ask for her help in getting to Mexico. She tells him that he should be trying to stop the people who framed him for murder. This leads him to go after the one person he knows who can help him – Vicky Roberts.

I didn’t review last week’s episodes, so I’ll start by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by the midseason premiere episodes. My dislike for The Event was fairly evident pre-hiatus and I wasn’t sure I would continue watching, but ‘And Then There Were More/Inostranka’ were entertaining episodes, full of promise. The format changes, which include getting rid of the flashbacks and creating a more linear storyline (that finally brings together Sean, the government and the aliens), make the show much more enjoyable to watch.

This week’s episode, ‘Turnabout’, was more of the same. The opening dream sequence was a bit strange and melodramatic, but it helped explain Martinez’s orders at the end of the episode. Was he right to think himself weak and order stronger measures to be taken against Sophia?

I’m hoping that we’re not about to embark on The Great Search Round 2 with Sean and Leila. Surely he’ll decide to go after her eventually? It’s great to see Vicky back; hopefully she and Sean will find some clues about Dempsey and his experiments on the kids soon. Their interaction is bound to be interesting – will Sean trust her enough to work alongside her? Will Vicky want to help him now that she (seemingly) has nothing to gain?

My one complaint about this episode would be the timing. It seems a little slack of NBC to air an episode dealing with a possible nuclear meltdown considering current events in Japan. I understand that these episodes were filmed way in advance, but maybe it would have been better to delay the episodes by a week or two. What do you think?

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