THE CHICAGO CODE “The Gold Coin Kid” Review

THE CHICAGO CODE The Gold Coin Kid Episode 6 (13)

THE CHICAGO CODE “The Gold Coin Kid” Season 1 Episode 6 – The prostitutes of Chicago is explored in this episode, and narrations give a whole run down of the whore houses from the old days to modern day night club hook ups.

When a big shot mayor donor’s son overdoses, what is first a finished by noon low drug dealer gig turns into an investigation into the death of a college student who frequents these whore houses.

Things get complicated when a sex tape between the son’s dead girlfriend Emily and his father surfaces.

This was a pretty standard police genre episode. It pains me to say so. Six episodes in is a pretty good length to judge the direction as series is heading. Culminating with a narration about the 25 women of Illinois, the script was oftentimes just cringeworthy. Emily’s friend is a dull character acting off an even duller script. Wysocki’s little play with Teresa Colvin was terribly clever-or at least the show thought it was.

Wysocki is an interesting character, and Evers’ constant frustration at being kept out of the loop adds another layer to their relationship. Unfortunately it turned into a little bitchy rant as Evers brought up Wysocki’s ex-sex.

The most interesting thing about this episode was actually Vonda’s storyline and the radio issue. For once Vonda was given a little bit of script to work with, and taking the fall for failing to properly frisk a gun toting drug dealer ensured her safety in the special forces squad. Though I wonder if failing to frisk a guy who shot at cops would be punished with little more than an admonishment.

It is a pity that The Chicago Code isn’t nearly as good as the pilot promised it would be. I really thought this was gonna be great.

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