HARRY’S LAW “The Fragile Beast” Review

HARRY'S LAW "The Fragile Beast" Episode 9

HARRY’S LAW “The Fragile Beast” Episode 9 – There was a lot of kissing and fooling around going on this episode, some of it distinctly within the realm of “unhealthy.” But how does one best sum this one up?

“My wife is suffering a fidelity lapse. These things happen from time to time in marriages. They pass.”

That ’bout does it.

“The Fragile Beast” was yet another Kelley/Dicke creation, and I’m liking their teamwork. Oh, sure, there used to be a day—possibly back in the early ’90’s—when I searched for at least a modicum of realism in my law comedies (lawmedies?) … but those days are done. I’m starting to get the feeling that Harry’s Law is actually some sort of absurdist alternate reality. That, or …

Maybe it’s actually Harry’s dream. Like her subconscious rising up and repeatedly beating her in the face in the form of a twisted version of ghetto Cincinnati filled with bizarro characters and inescapable situations. Or maybe she’s dead and this is her version of Purgatory where she has to work through the sins that plagued her in her former life.

I kind of like that idea. Cincinnati is like the Island! You can’t say it’s not at least a consideration. Not that I mind the craziness; I just want to put forth my view on all of it.

Chester Stewart (played by a straight-faced Brady Smith) is an oddball Iraq war veteran; a man who is possibly the insane combination of Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World and Puddy from Seinfeld. If that’s even possible. Oh, except he looks a little like the dude who married the Greek chick in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which is probably closer to Puddy than Wayne, but still. He started talking and I was like, “Wayne’s World!” I kept waiting for him to go, “Shyeah!”

Chester is keeping his wife locked in a safe room in his basement because she’s cheating on him with a family friend. Normally something like this would go to the police (even as an anonymous tip—hell-loo!), but because this family friend is from Honduras or … Nicaragua, or … Santa Anita Raceway or whatever, and will be frickin’ deported if the police find him, well…

And hey. Four hundred bucks is four hundred bucks.

Clearly the end result (Chester releasing his wife, as well as Harry and “Tommy” Jefferson from the safe room) was worth the middle trouble (Chester tricking them into the safe room in the first place). The end justified the means.

But at the time, in the middle of that safe room quiet, I couldn’t help consider that Harry may very well be the only sane person left. And that this constantly-trailing cast of freakjob characters was just placed there to irk her to no end. Surely the presence of Thomas “Tommy” Jefferson explains that away fast enough.

“I’m not sure you and time bombs should mingle,” Harry says to Tommy—just before Tommy blows her off and goes to meet with Chester. Things lead to things … and well, they all did end up getting locked in the safe room. (Harry’s advice is usually sound.)

Meanwhile, Adam is having issues again with Rachel. Did I call this or what? Chunhua needs to get kicked to the curb and pronto, so Adam can … uh …

I dunno. Get his ass beat by Rachel’s current boyfriend, Thomas The Lawyer Who Looks Like A Hot Male Model Pretending To Be Bradley Cooper, I guess?

(Aside: another lawyer named Thomas? Am I the only one who thinks this won’t go over well with Thomas “Tommy” Jefferson?)

Either way, Adam (Nate Corddry, still awesome despite his weenishness) finally stalked up to Rachel’s apartment and declared his continued burning love for her with a sort of self-satisfied “So there!” punctuation. And then he turned and left. Immediately. Sort of. And Rachel looked torn. (You knew she would though. Come on. Though really … she’s considering leaving the Bradley-Cooper-alike for Howdy-Doody-alike? Probably not JUST yet.)

Jenna and Malcolm had their confrontation / avoidance regarding last episode’s parking lot kiss. I would have much greater hope for this series if Brittany Snow or Aml Ameen were better actors. I like the premise of Malnna, don’t get me wrong (and it clearly irks Harry, since she shot Jenna’s request right out of the sky), but I wish we had better actors to fill these roles. Thus far it’s been substandard, to be fair.

Lastly, another woman (Lynette Zales, played by Anne Cusack—yes, one of the many Cusack siblings making a living in show business) turns the tables on Adam by making him represent her in a divorce case that turns out to be ALL about the money. I liked Cusack. I hope we see more of her. (I like her sister Joan just as much—if not more—in Showtime’s Shameless.)

Anyway, decent episode, if not quite up to par with last week. I’m finding my groove with this oddball show, though; starting to get it.

Next week: Harry’s … ex-husband makes an appearance?

Oh boy.

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