GLEE “Original Song” Review

GLEE Original Song Season 2 Episode 16
GLEE “Original Song” Season 2 Episode 16 – Gleeks, Regionals are here once again! This year New Directions went in a new direction by performing completely original songs. With “World War Sue” coaching Aural Intensity and Blaine and Kurt leading the Warblers, New Directions was up against some stiff competition and needed a competitive edge. Though their initial attempts at song writing were hilariously bad (“Trouty Mouth”, “Big Ass…Heart”), New Directions ended up with three terrific songs. Let’s break down the Regionals lineup:

Aural Intensity – Clearly, Sue did her homework on the judges and decided to go with Sonseed’s “Jesus is My Friend” in order to impress tea partier Tammy Jean Albertson (guest star Kathy Griffin) and Sister Mary Constance (guest star Loretta Devine). I think the nun summed it up nicely: “I didn’t even like to be pandered to when I was a stripper!” Sue’s pandering ultimately backfired, and she took her anger out on the poor, drunk Lieutenant Governor’s wife.

Dalton Academy Warblers (aka “Blaine and the Pips”) – The Warblers performed quite a few songs in this episode, including “Raise Your Glass” and “Misery” in their fun, upbeat style. However, after Kurt’s touching rendition of “Blackbird,” Blaine seemed to see Kurt in a whole new light. And judging from the reaction on Twitter (“THEY KISSED” was a trending topic tonight), fans are ecstatic. Blaine even shared the spotlight with Kurt during “Candles.” It must be love.

New Directions – How great are Glee‘s original songs? “Loser Like Me” is so catchy, and I always think the glee club is at its best when they are all singing together. “Hell to the No” was also really catchy and had the perfect amount of sass for Mercedes (she needs more solos). And Rachel just put so much emotion into the tear jerking “Get it Right.” I think New Directions’ win this year was really well deserved.

The Quinn-Finn-Rachel love triangle took an interesting turn tonight with the revelation that Quinn thinks she and Finn have a future together in Ohio, while Rachel’s talent will take her on to bigger and better things. That explains why Quinn is obsessed with becoming Prom Queen—she thinks she’ll peak in high school. But with plenty of meaningful looks between Finn and Rachel, I think Quinn might be losing him.

I think “Original Songs” is one of the best episodes of Glee this season. There was so much to love: the episode was jam packed with music, there were nods to the fans (The Warblers=Blaine and the Pips, Rachel: “I cry every time I sing a solo”), and lots of couple drama between Blaine and Kurt, Brittany and Santana, and Finn-Rachel-Quinn.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Glee, “Original Songs?” Do you hate Quinn or feel sorry for her? And did you like the original songs?

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