CHUCK “Chuck Versus The A-Team” Review

Chuck "Versus The A-Team" NBC

CHUCK “Chuck Versus The A-Team” Season 4 Episode 18 – For the last few episodes Casey has been working in secret, and this week his secret goings on are finally reveals: using Chuck’s father’s modified computers, the CIA has created a team of Intersects. This time round they are without Chuck’s soft gooey adversity to terminating targets.

Let’s get the crap out of the way: Jeffrey’s clairvoyancy could and should have been scrapped. The Buy More is like a scab dangling on the last thread of skin. It really just needs to be picked off so that Chuck can do what it does best: and in this episode there was no shortage of Chuck awesomeness.

Also, an episode without Morgan, especially when his role is pretty redundant,

Ellie and Awesome definately need more screen time, and Sarah Lancaster did some great comedic acting in this episode, but the material they are given never compliment their abilities. Luckily, the ending of the episode, with the bitter Intersect project developer handing Ellie’s father’s computer back to her, promises plenty of drama for next week.

Of course the CIA would try to create a duplicate a Chuck, and having it backfire lead to some nice conflict between Casey and Chuck and Sarah, ultimately strengthening their team. This was a wonderful episode of Chuck. With a slapstick first half and a dramatic second half, Chuck seamlessly blended these two genres into a compelling conspiracy. The Intersect plot probably could have been stretched for two episodes and made more compelling: there wasn’t quite enough struggle and anguish for the end to feel like a triumph, but I’m certainly glad that this was not a huge arc.

My favorite parts of the episode:

The glorified dog messengers in Georgia was a nice touch.

One of the best lines of television has got to be: “Chuck, are you about to disarm a nuclear bomb using fruit juice?”

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