5 Reasons Why You Should Watch V


Ever get tired of your friends telling you that you should watch a certain tv show? Unsure of investing in something you don’t really have the time for? Been there, done that.

While my friends have gotten me into great shows, I can also say that I’ve had my own successes when it comes to suggesting shows that they should tune in for.

I’m a big fan of the current alien invasion series V, despite its flaws (come on, every show has them!) and its short season. As the second season comes to a close with an uncertain future, below you’ll find 5 reasons why you should take the time to tune in on Tuesday night – or (hopefully) next season.


I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Mitchell, and have been since the days of Lost. Not only is she a phenomenal actress who brings so much to whatever role she plays, but I truly believe she makes any show worth watching.

In V, Mitchell portrays a character who is not only a federal agent fighting to save the world from an alien invasion, but who is also a mother dealing with the hardships of a life that includes a divorced husband and a rebellious teenage son. Impressively, Mitchell works these two angles with just the right amount of intensity to be believable, and brings a performance to the show that is unrivaled by other actresses – one that captures my full attention every Tuesday night.


It’s pretty significant to have a show where two of the main protagonists are two females, both of whom are constantly at odds and calling the shots as leaders on their respective sides.

In the past few years, there has been an influx of shows that give us female characters who do more than just sit behind a desk and paint their fingernails. Nowhere is that girl power more evident than on V, where there exist three main characters of authority – Morena Baccarin’s V Queen Anna, Mitchell’s FBI agent Erica Evans, and Laura Vandervoort’s queen protégée Lisa. Interestingly, while the show does employ a fair amount of (rather attractive) males, those characters are the ones who play the assistant/subordinate roles – often taking orders from the women who are in charge.


Science fiction television doesn’t always have to be deep and serious, nor does it have to be groundbreaking. And so while V is what most would describe as a “popcorn” show, that’s okay – because that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

While most shows try too hard to be the next big television phenomenon, V doesn’t take itself so seriously. Instead, it focuses on giving the audience a fun and thrilling ride with the elements of strong characters, compelling storylines, and an intriguing science fiction base.


There was once a point in time where we could only dream of checking out the shows that were on television when we were too young to appreciate them.

Not anymore.

Today’s writers and producers have mastered the art of taking old classics and re-inventing them so that they can be broadcast to a new and younger audience. While the old V series might have been considered just as much of a popcorn show, the new reboot is clearly geared towards an audience that thrives on fast-paced storylines, attractive casting, and intense action.


One of the reasons V remains likeable is because it employs a strong ensemble cast of extremely gifted actors.

In addition to Lost’s Mitchell, viewers each week are treated to the talents of Firefly’s Morena Baccarin, The 4400’s Joel Gretsch, Party of 5’s Scott Wolf and Smallville’s Laura Vandervoort, among others. Since the show’s inception, it has also employed such talented guest stars such as Alan Tudyk (also of Firefly fame), The Shield’s Jay Karnes and original V queen Jane Badler.

The great thing about this group of actors is that whether they’re working one-on-one or in small groups, they have terrific chemistry which make their interactions both believable and intriguing.


Will there be a third season for V after it signs off following the finale Tuesday night? No one knows for sure.

But whether or not a renewal is granted, one thing remains clear – amidst all the soap opera dramas and reality competitions of primetime television, V is at least one show that knows how to entertain an audience. What’s your take?

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