Titus Welliver Cast in CW Zombie Pilot AWAKENING

Titus Welliver in Lost

Well, considering the massive success of The Walking Dead last year, it looks like the CW has also decided jump on the undead bandwagon.

TVLine.com reports that the new zombie pilot AWAKENING just came to life in a bigway: The formidable Titus Welliver has joined the cast!

The show, a thriller, follows the story of two sisters (Meredith Hagner of FX’s Lights Out) and (Lucy Griffiths of BBC’s Robin Hood) who face off during a zombie uprising.

Welliver is set to play a role described as that of a mysterious figure with piercing eyes and a dark overcoat who is hunting the zombies behind the first wave of the awakening.

Mysterious figure? Piercing eyes? Dark overcoat? HUNTS ZOMBIES??

First of all, that’s a role Welliver was born to play and second of all…..how freaking cool does that sound? I’m so in.

Currently the Lost/Deadwood/Sons of Anarchy star can be seen in a recurring role on The Good Wife as Chris Noth’s onscreen nemesis, prosecutor Glenn Childs.

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