PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Monsters in the End” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Monsters in the End"

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Monsters in the End” Episode 21 – It does not seem that we will find out A’s identity, or the identity of Allison’s killer, before next season as the season finale of Pretty Little Liars is next week. Everytime we think that we get another clue, or that much closer to an answer, all we really get is another puzzle piece that does not fit with the others.

In this week’s episode, keys are key, so to speak. We find out from Caleb that Jenna was after a key, but that she did not know what it was a key to, or what it meant. Luckily, a helpful A assists Emily with remembering the vintage snow globe that Allison bought her. Inside the snow globe was the long lost key. Unfortunately it just led to an empty storager locker, save a vintage lunch box with a flash drive. Was anyone expecting anything good to be on the flash drive? If so, you should know better. Once again we are treated to another video taped by an unknown person, presumably on Allison’s last day. As usual, it appears that Allison is well aware that they are all being taped. Although the mystery surrounding Allison’s death and the ever elusive “A” can be intriguing, lately it seems to be the same old song and dance.

More interesting to me lately is the ever growing evolvement of Emily. It seems like ages ago that she came out, but she has come so far. I like the addition of Samara and continue to be puzzled by Paige. I get that Paige is having a difficult time coming out and the repercussions with her father would probably be devastating, but why did she bother reaching out to the prayer group? And why drag Emily into it? What else was Emily to do while sitting by herself with a girl that she didn’t invite there, but talk about their mutual friend? I vote Samara in and Paige out. Emily and Samara have way more chemistry anyway.

Speaking of chemistry, I was disappointed that Hanna let Caleb get on the bus to leave town. Does anyone else think she will find the remnants of his note in the trash? Mona did not do the best job of hiding them. Another couple I am fond of is Toby and Emily. How amazingly sweet was it at the end when she ran into his arms after being locked up in the fun house?

Aria and Ezra are ridiculously stupid. It has to be said. Not only is Aria’s mother and father suspicious about whom she is dating, but the girls are suspect in the eyes of the law and probably the whole town. At least one of them has been declared a person of interest. Wouldn’t it make sense that the other three would be looked at with suspicious eyes? Yet they still keep meeting at school and at his apartment. Officer Reynolds may not be the department’s finest, but he is not an idiot. What do you think A is going to do with the key to Ezra’s apartment? If Officer Reynolds doesn’t blow that scandal wide open, I think A might be next in line to do so.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars? What do you think will happen on next week’s season finale? Will we get even one thing answered or will we have to wait until next season? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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