Paget Brewster Joins MY LIFE AS AN EXPERIMENT Pilot

Paget Brewster may be best known for her turn on the dark and somber Criminal Minds, but it seems she’s looking to lighten up a bit. TVLine reports she has been cast as the female lead in NBC’s Jack Black-produced comedy pilot MY LIFE AS AN EXPERIMENT.

Based on A. J. Jacobs’ book ‘Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment,’ My Life as an Experiment stars comedian Jon Dore as journalist A. J. Wilder, whose work- related lifestyle experiments like “radical honesty” have a substantial impact on his home life. Brewster will play Stacie, A. J.’s attorney wife.

Brewster has an invitation from the Criminal Minds producers to return to the show as a series regular, so if My Life as an Experiment does not go to series, she’s always got her job at the BAU to fall back on.