OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 8 Review

OUTCASTS (BBC) Episode 6

OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 8 – And so Outcasts ends with no resolution in sight. The official twitter account announced that there will be no series 2, so let’s look back on what we got out of series 1.

Well, not a lot actually. Outcasts seemed to suffer from American-envy, trying to create something that would (perhaps rightly) play well in America and doing such a terrifically bad job of it that it all folded like a house of cards. There were too many plot points, too many characters with too little personality. There was the mix of arc storyline and episode storyline that was more suited to twenty episodes than to eight.

The virus storyline was perhaps the most interesting storyline of the series and it was shoved into the last two episodes like an afterthought. Why create a virus that targeted individuals (and needed to be connected to the main Lifeform intelligence, apparently) when the Lifeform wanted everyone dead? Why take so long to kill them when, being so advanced, the Lifeform could surely have found a quicker way to eradicate everyone? Why did it favour the ACs? What was the Lifeform? We will never know.

Similarly, we will never know who was on board CT-10. This plot point is a great example of how not to do mystery on television. We were given nothing about CT-10 except that its arrival would bring people who wanted power on Carpathia. There was no room for speculation on the audience’s part because we knew nothing about the earth that CT-10 and everyone on Carpathia had left behind. We were told of nuclear attacks and cartels, but nothing about the politics and power structures or even how Tate, who is apparently a geneticist, was chosen for the role of President of Carpathia. A mystery needs to be built on substance, something that Outcasts was sadly lacking.

The Fleur storyline was obviously meant to be carried over into a potential second series and I openly acknowledge that fact – but does anyone have a clue why she was supposed to be special? Surely it should have been obvious. Tate said something about intelligence but Fleur never showed any sign of having an above average intelligence. Surely if anyone should have been an Omega AC it is Tipper, the hyper-intelligent boy genius?

At least we finally learned Cass’ mysterious backstory which was, well, kind of dull actually. While killing a child is horrific, the build up lead me to believe he’d assisted a dictator or headed up a prison camp.

I will admit to being surprised when Tate chose Jack as interim leader. That was a great little twist and could have been really interesting if drawn out over a few episodes. And it would have saved us all from a president who says lines like “We still have love and while we have that, we have hope.” No, Tate. While you have random transmitters, Stella and her baseless theories, boy geniuses and subordinates who choose to play on your side, then you have hope. But it’s the thought that counts.

The episode ends with the arrival of a very clunky looking CT-10 transport and Berger smirking into the camera, just as he did back at the start of the series. If only we could have known what he knew.

What did you think of Outcasts? Did you enjoy the series? Would you have liked it back for a second series? Or are you glad to see it end? Let us know in the comments below!

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