MAD LOVE “To Munsch or Not to Munsch” Review

MAD LOVE (CBS) To Munsch or Not to Munsch

MAD LOVE “To Munsch or Not to Munsch” Season 1 Episode 5 – Ah yes, the best friends meeting the new boyfriend/girlfriend can be a bit awkward. If they’re your friends you hope everyone likes each other and when you’re the one being met, you hope they all like you. It’s really no fun on either end.

Obviously this gang all met each other a while ago but in this episode, Kate and Ben each decide to try and be friends with each others’ friends…..erm, if that makes sense.

So Kate takes Larry under her wing and tries to teach him a lesson in how to treat girls. The whole thing backfires on her when first of all he finds out she was lying about being lied to, and second of all she finds out that he was right all along. But they did become close through it all so it was worth it.

Then there’s Ben and Connie. He apparently gets on her nerves and he doesn’t like that so he goes out of his way to be nice. Unfortunately every nice thing he does ends up making her even more mad until finally he snaps back. And voila, he suddenly gets on her good side. Turns out Connie likes him when he’s a little snarly, which makes total sense when you consider what her personality is like. So those two became closer too, making the gang one big happy family, at least until next week’s episode.

My favorite bits…..

Larry ruining Ben’s cookie surprise. It was wrong and it was mean but it also made me giggle. There, I said it.

Kate claiming that one of the reasons she needed her laptop was that she and Connie have such different tastes in porn. LOL.

Ben following Larry’s instructions by the letter and smacking Larry as requested.

This bit:
Tiffany: “You know how you said whenever I needed a favor, I should just ask?”
Connie: “That doesn’t sound like me.”

Ben asking Larry if Claire thought that he was more than one party person.

Connie asking Ben if he was sure that he was being funny. Was it just me or did she totally look like she was about to crack up?

Ben asking Connie if she had any room to take Larry into her “daycare.”

That poor guy trying to have a peaceful wiz and getting interrupted by Larry and Kate.

Connie correcting Ben that she wasn’t annoyed with the guy at the bar, that’s just her face.

Kate being able to throw Larry out of the bathroom.

OMG Claire is teeny tiny!

Ben welcoming Kate to friendship with Larry.

Larry asking Kate how she lived in the world with ideas like thinking he couldn’t sleep with a woman without liking her a little. Seriously, has she met Larry?

Ben telling Claire off for not making an effort to be friends. Can’t say I blamed him at that point.

Claire tacklehugging Larry. LOL.

Kate finding out that Claire would have preferred if Larry had just stopped calling her.

Ben and Larry’s matching “ugh” s when Connie walked into the bar.

Connie admitting that she liked Ben better after he had yelled at her.

Larry looking at Connie as he was describing the kind of woman he really wanted……hm, interesting.

What did you think of the episode of Mad Love? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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