HOUSE “Out of the Chute” Review

HOUSE (FOX) "Out of the Chute"

HOUSE “Out of the Chute” Season 7 Episode 16 – A bull rider goes from bad to worse to needs to have his heart blown up while House channels his inner Charlie Sheen in the “Out of the Chute” episode of HOUSE.

The opening scene with the bullrider is beautifully shot. The cuts between the normal speed and slow motion shots are perfectly set to the seconds counting down and the gorgeous “This Night” by Black Lab. The actual bull attack is intense and almost too realistic, making for the best opening in a long time. The bull rider himself gives us the quintessential House medical mystery where anything that can go wrong does. “You want to drill through my skull because of a mass that isn’t there?” His rib cage smoking in the MRI because of the metal rod is impressive, but I’m not sure anything could top the exploding aorta. On a shallow note, did we have to have the limburger feet? I hate feet. Masters having a crush on the (her words, not mine) “hillbilly and an idiot” is an odd but somehow interesting twist, especially because it fascinates Taub.

House is back to his arrogant, Vicodin-popping, Scotch-swilling, hooker-using ways. Many hookers, including one who can play the hurdy-gurdy and another who doesn’t mind giving poor Carnell the concierge a heart attack. House is much too into his old vices because they no longer work. Nothing excites him-not even solving the puzzle in spectacular, blood-spraying fashion, so he opts to do a cannonball off his balcony. Those last few minutes are dramatic and eerie with Peter Gabriel’s haunting cover of “My Body is a Cage.” I just can’t decide if the cannonball is a cheat or a fitting symbol of a man who can only be “happy” when he’s drowning in his own misery.

Did Wilson walk away at the end of the episode because he’s going to let House work things out in his own way or because he’s simply had it? As much as I enjoy watching these two together, it does seem that Wilson is a little too invested in the House/Cuddy relationship. He all but begs Cuddy to take him back and it makes me uncomfortable.

Cuddy admitting the break-up is her fault is a nice moment–almost like the writers saying the whole idea was doomed from the onset. The hallway scene with House is sufficiently tense. “Aaaand she caves.” Nice throwback to earlier seasons. I just hope this aftermath isn’t as heavy as the last few episodes of the relationship. “You can’t go backwards. I can’t fix his problem-I am his problem.” Here’s to moving forward.

The team has some great interaction tonight. Chase and Foreman’s jockeying for control warms my heart and Masters’ shock at House’s Vicodin addiction in the middle of everyone else’s nonchalance amuses me. “Wow. You really don’t have any friends here.” Of course she tattled to Cuddy about the exploding aorta and I really can’t blame her because it was an insane plan and she’s still too new to know those are the only ones that work.

I enjoyed this episode much more than many this season. House’s regression may not be healthy and there are probably five or six too many hookers, but this is almost like running into an old friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years. The case is more interesting (albeit probably completely unrealistic) than many recent ones and enough time is spent on it to make me care. The team is present and while I want Wilson to have a story of his own, at least we see plenty of him. Unfortunately, much of my good will disappeared the second I saw next week’s preview. A wedding? Really? Sigh.

Favorite lines:

“After he and I have sex, I’m going to slit his throat and disembowel him in the bath tub.”/”No problem. I’ll cancel the morning maid service.”

“I’m not an idiot. I know I need help.”

“House screwed us.”

“I said we. Do you want pretty please, too?”

“Tell Cuddy spying is for cowards.”

“Do you know Free Bird?”

“My prefrontal cortex is telling me I should have sex with him.”

“Well, that sucks. Now we have to blow up his heart.”

“You think because you broke my heart, I want to break his?”

What did you think of “Out of the Chute?” Do you think House (the man and the show) will be able to successfully move past the House/Cuddy relationship?

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