BEING HUMAN (UK) “The Wolf-Shaped Bullet” Review

Being Human - Mitchell

BEING HUMAN “The Wolf-Shaped Bullet” Series 3 Episode 8 – And so the third series of Being Human ends with the arrival of a new big bad and the exit of an old friend.

I usually hate fake-outs in shows, especially if it’s something that’s been brewing for an entire series, but the wolf-shaped bullet prophecy being a pack of lies was intriguing. It gives a whole new slant to series 3 overall, and to Mitchell’s quest to find out who it will be and how he can save himself. We’ve spent seven episodes watching him fall apart until now, when his guilt and last shred of human decency leads to him falling apart quite literally.

Is this is the end for John Mitchell? Herrick claimed that being staked was The End, capitalized, something that no vampire can come back from. We can probably assume that Herrick himself won’t be back, even if that’s a lie. There’s no Cara, no Mitchell, and we haven’t been introduced to any other proteges who may know the secret. But if Mitchell doesn’t come back, what will this mean for the future of Being Human?

Three werewolves and a ghost share a house in Barry?

Well we’re left with George, Annie and Nina – all of whom looked mightily badass in that final shot, it has to be said. We have a werewolf baby on the way and a new big bad vampire. I’m hoping that we’ll see more of Tom – his adjusting to a world outside of just killing vampires and camping out in woodland would be fascinating to watch. Will we get a new main character to fill Mitchell’s empty spot in the house? At this point it seems unlikely that the threesome would accept another vampire into their fold, but can Being Human really work without one in the house?

The vampires are probably the most curious part of this show to me post-series 3. Mitchell’s gone, Herrick’s dead, so is Cara and Daisy and Ivan and Graham, Seth and Lauren. The three series have systematically introduced and offed every major vampire character. This works to make vampires look like the (defeatable) enemy, but it also makes them sort of disposable. As awesome a baddie as Wyndham has the potential to be, I can’t quite bring myself to be excited. Surely he’ll be defeated – just like the others – and the world will be saved by George’s sudden burst of courage, Nina’s upstanding morals and Annie finding her inner non-corporeal badassness.

While I sometimes found Mitchell frustratingly self-centered, a little pathetic and sometimes hard to sympathise with, I liked the character a lot. He was always in the grey, on the knife-edge between being the ‘good’ guy, being human, and absolute bloody carnage. There’s always a thrill to watching a show when you’re not sure whether the person you’re rooting for is going to turn into a monster at the drop of a hat. Mitchell delivered that uncertainty consistently, and it’s something that neither George, Nina nor Annie could ever do.

Overall, this was a good episode and a good series. It wasn’t as strong as series 1 and it was shaky in parts even compared to series 2, but it was ballsy storytelling. If nothing else, Being Human isn’t afraid to take risks with their storylines. But perhaps taking this biggest risk and cutting a chunk out of the show’s core premise will be its undoing. We’ll have to wait and see.

(Important note: Aidan Turner, who plays Mitchell, has been cast in The Hobbit movie, which could get in the way of filming a potential series 4 of BH. There’s some info here but be warned – it contains a huge potential spoiler for future series.)

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