UNDERCOVER BOSS “United Van Lines” Review

UNDERCOVER BOSS “United Van Lines”, Season 2 Episode 17 – On this weeks installment of Undercover Boss, we meet Rich McClure, the CEO of United Van Lines. Thankfully, the day-to-day operations of United Van Lines are far easier to understand and watch as a viewer than previous episodes like “Mack” and “City of Cincinatti”. You pack up peoples stuff, and put it in a truck. That’s it.

I much prefer the episodes of Undercover Boss that focus on jobs that I’m more familiar with. As I’ve said on previous episode reviews, it’s much easier for the viewer to feel invested and involved in what we’re seeing on screen if it’s a job that we’re familiar with. I’m sure everybody reading this has moved before or helped somebody move, so we know what’s involved in the process. I’ve personally moved twice in the last year and a half so it was all very fresh in my mind.

The episode was very by-the-books. The boss does the job, he makes a couple mistakes, and learns what his employees want out of their jobs. Pretty standard stuff. With the exception of one of the employees being pretty lazy and unmotivated, the episode didn’t really have anything interesting going for it until Rick called his wife Sharon in to do one of his jobs for him.

This was really the big “hook” of this episode. This was what was shown in all of the promos prior to the airing of the show, and I think it lived up to the hype. It was best for her to do this particular job since Linda probably wouldn’t have shared her thoughts about the company being a “boy’s club” if Rick was there instead. I’m glad they didn’t just try to shoehorn in a cameo from Sharon just to differentiate the episode, there was actually a practical reason to send a woman to do this particular job.

This was a pretty well done episode with a cool twist, so I hope that the future episodes of Undercover Boss come up with similar ways to improve on the formula.

Random Thoughts:

– How is it possible that the movers are held personally responsible for any damaged items? How is that not covered by United’s insurance? That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

– I wonder how much the “other employee” is paid to pretend that they’re being filmed for a TV show.

– I love how Andrew ended up not backing down on being such a deadbeat loser even when he found out that he was complaining to the CEO. He reminded me a lot of Aaron Paul’s character “Jesse” from Breaking Bad.