THE CLEVELAND SHOW “The Way the Cookie Crumbles” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW The Way the Cookie Crumbles Season 2 Episode 16 (3)
THE CLEVELAND SHOW “The Way the Cookie Crumbles” Season 2, Episode 16 – Tonight’s episode of The Cleveland Show started off with a totally random, but pretty funny trailer for a movie called “The Cleveland Show 3D” featuring Cleveland as an ad executive getting married and fighting zombies with exploding babies. The rest of the episode had nothing to do with those first couple minutes, but I guess I’ve come to expect that kind of randomness from The Cleveland Show.

After all of Cleveland’s friends show up sporting his childhood things, Cleveland confronts his parents at a garage sale where they’re selling everything to anyone who is willing to buy it. After LeVar admits to Cleveland that he was taken in by a scam, Cleveland takes his parents into his home and uses it as an opportunity to get revenge on his father for the years of torment he experienced growing up. I actually felt bad for LeVar during this montage watching him work while Cleveland and Horsey played around. I liked that eventually it was discovered that Cleveland’s mother, Evelyn was the one taken in by a modeling scam and that LeVar had been covering for her so she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Seeing all the guys dressed up like women to confront the scam artist modeling scout was a good laugh. The men wearing wigs, tight dresses, and heels with chest hair poking out and mustaches unshaven was a funny sight and I thought it was funny that there were other husbands at the mall who had tried the same thing before them.

Even Rallo’s sub-story ends up tying in at the end. He had been trying his hand as a comedian, a commentator and a news reporter with his microphone toy. My favorite of Rallo’s bits was when he spoofed a viral video from a few years back where a bug flew into the mouth of a reporter mid sentence causing him to spout profanities about the location he was shooting at. The phony talent scout manages to con Cleveland, LeVar and Rallo into thinking Rallo has talent for comedy and their gullibility leaves them walking home barefoot in barrels.

Most of the humor in tonight’s episode was pulled from totally random bits and cut away gags. We saw a fictional trailer for “The Cleveland Show 3D”, Cleveland’s imaginary theme park, “CleveLand”, Cleveland’s fantasy about having Gus as his father and The Cleveland Show‘s animators living in Cleveland’s basement. I loved Donna shouting “no Cleveland!” right as he’s about to set up yet another arbitrary gag about the caterpillars and he responds “one too many? ok.” because that is precisely how I felt. The gags themselves were funny, but it made the episode feel a little bit like it was dragging it’s feet. I think the Cleveland Show is in it’s best form when they don’t rely too heavily on the cut away gags for humor. Since there seemed to be so many in this episode, it felt a little tired towards the end. With that last conversation between Cleveland and Donna maybe even the writers were aware of it too.