CSI: MIAMI “Hunting Ground” Review


CSI: Miami “Hunting Ground”, Season 9 Episode 16 – CSI: Miami tried its hand at the “Hunting for Humans” plot that just about every other procedural has already attempted. “Hunting Ground” didn’t do much to shake up the formula, but it’s such an underused sub-plot that it wasn’t that big of a deal.

It was a little surprising that it took everybody so long to even consider that Enrique’s death was not an accident. If I see a dude with an arrow through his chest, pinning him to a tree, with an ominous burn mark on his arm in the middle of the everglades, my first thought would be murder. I was excited that the first suspect was Eddie Jemison, so that he can notch another procedural onto his resume. You may have recognized him from the Ocean’s Eleven series, but he’s been on CSI, Criminal Minds, The Closer, NCIS, among others. He’s a fun character actor, although he’s really being type-cast as the neurotic and eccentric weirdo quite a bit.

In the end though, it turned out that Liam from LOST was the killer. This wasn’t exactly a surprise. He was a reprehensible scumbag from the moment we see him on screen, so it wasn’t that big of a stretch that the skeezy stock broker would be an adrenaline junkie. We’ve been conditioned as American TV viewers to immediately suspect any slimy, fast-talking businessmen, and this episode didn’t do anything to make us think otherwise.

I know that the fans of this show like Horatio and how crazy he can be, but the penultimate scene of this episode with H and Wallace was just silly. Horatio may be a successful investigator, but he’s not above the law. Doesn’t he have bosses who would have taken him aside at this point and said “Hey, um, you can’t throw people out of windows, beat up or torture suspects, or pretend to shoot people with shotguns.”

Apart from Horatio taking another step towards the unbelievable, this ended up being a pretty good episode of CSI: Miami that left a smile on my face with the reunion of Jean and his younger brother.

Random Thoughts:

– Do the subtitles on this show bug anyone else? When they’re presented so strangely, it distracts you from what the subtitles are actually saying! They’re subtitles! Their purpose is to simply convey dialogue, so stop getting fancy with it!

– The actor who played Jean Guitor, the other hunting victim with the 10 on his arm, also played the character Knox on one of my most hated shows of all time: Heroes. Oh man, I wish I was reviewing on this website back when that show was on. I might have melted the Daemon’s TV servers with all of my hate. Knox fed off people’s fears to fuel his powers. So stupid…

– I swear every time I see Ryan Wolfe on this show I think “Why is Greg from CSI here?”