BOB’S BURGERS “Bed & Breakfast” Review

BOB'S BURGERS Bed & Breakfast Episode 7 (8)

Bob’s Burgers “Bed & Breakfast” Episode 7 – The published summary and my cable listing’s description of tonight’s episode was pretty off the mark, but even if Louise didn’t plant listening devices anywhere in the Belcher bed and breakfast, we still got a pretty decent chunk of time with her tonight.

Linda’s latest idea is to start a bed and breakfast to bring in a little extra cash for the family. It’s pretty apparent, however, that this idea isn’t really about the money as much as it is about Linda wanting to make her fantasy of running a bed and breakfast a reality. Bob, who has always been kind of a pushover when it comes to his family, is not pleased with the idea but, as usual, he opts to just stay out of the way. We get to see how happy Bob is when he’s grilling up his special Bob’s Burgers, so I can understand how on some levels he’s willing to let Linda pursue whatever it is she’s got in her head as long as he can get away from it by being in the restaurant.

Because the rest of the hotels in town area already booked up, Linda manages to secure two guests right away – Javed, and entomologist, and the Samuels, a couple with an affinity for S&M. This leaves Tina and Gene to share a room with their parents while Louise sleeps in a closet that she converted into her bedroom. I loved the scene of Bob, Linda, Tina and Gene sharing a bed. They all looked uncomfortable, except for Gene who seemed so excited to be sharing a bedroom with his parents. I loved that he brought snacks to share with his dad and tried to warm up his feet by sticking them down his pants, much to Bob’s annoyance.

Louise’s closet bedroom is unusually large for a closet, but she loves it and is apparently very territorial about it. So, when Linda rents out this “room” to Teddy, Louise goes berserk and she begins to plot ways to get Teddy out of her room. Poor Teddy, of course, has to deal with the wrath of Louise and after watching her talent for revenge, I have to say I feel sorry for anyone who accidentally finds themselves as a target for Louise’s plotting.

I liked the way Bob stayed out of the drama between Linda and Louise – he wanted nothing to do with the bed and breakfast and wanted even less to do with the idea of moving Louise out of her room. I really enjoyed the scene with Linda finally hitting her limit with Louise and punishing her by sending her to their room, only to have Louise respond with “You can’t make me.” Without a second thought, Linda picks Louise up and carries her into the bedroom which makes Louise reflect, “I guess you can.” It’s kind of a perfect moment to remind us that the evil genius, Louise, is still just a little kid and that her mother is not in the least bit intimidated by her.

Linda and Teddy share the same love of bed and breakfasts and I enjoyed watching the two of them gush over one another in their common interests. Linda’s bed and breakfast also provided a nice opportunity to see more of the Belcher house in general. The photos in the background of Bob and Linda’s wedding and the photos of Tina, Gene and Louise as babies were all nice touches. Louise has apparently been wearing some sort of pink head covering since her infancy.

All the characters had good moments and pretty funny lines, but I think tonight’s episode was missing some of the heart that made last week’s episode so nicely balanced. Still, this episode of Bob’s Burgers was funny and I enjoyed watching it nonetheless.