BIG LOVE “Exorcism” Review

BIG LOVE "Exorcism"

BIG LOVE “Exorcism” Season 5 Episode 9 – With only one episode of Big Love left, the stakes are high and the drama is even higher. Of course the end scenes have been fantastic lately, but let’s first talk about the rest of the episode leading up to that point.

The family finally realizes just how serious Barb is about her newfound belief in women empowerment in the church when they find out she has joined another church. Not only has she turned her back on Bill’s church, however, but she has a chosen a church that specifcially repudiates plural marriage. Bill wonders how she can reconcile the church’s beliefs with her own and, more importantly, with her own lifestyle. That is a very good question indeed. In recent days, it seems Barb’s interest in becoming a priestholder overshadows her other beliefs and her marriage. Naturally, Nicki accuses Barb of prematurely trying to run the family. This time, however, I do not think Nicki is wrong. I wonder, does Barb have a little part of her that actually wants Bill to go to prison? She is the one after all that brought up the fact that she would need to find sex elsewhere while he is locked up.

Although it was just a small sub plot, the story with Ben, Heather and Rhonda was almost a mirror image of what I imagine were the beginnings of Bill, Barb, Nicki and Margene. It is evident that Ben is still sexually attracted to Rhonda. I am not sure why he feels responsible to care for her, but he does. It is also evident that he loves Heather. Rightfully, he tells Rhonda that he cannot marry her. Interestingly, though, is when Rhonda tells Heather about their one night stand, Ben, without a testimonial, declares that he can care for both of them and all three of them can be together. To Ben, Heather seems like Barb, the first love of Bill. Rhonda reminds me of Margene, the woman that Bill (or in this case Ben) cannot get enough of sexually.

There was so much happening in tonight’s episode, I could never cover it all. Here are some other random thoughts:

Margene’s attempts to pay Pam back some money for her Goji investment because she does not want it to cost Pam anything was so naively off base. Unfortunately, it has cost Pam a lot. She and Carl have seperated. The church is turning its back on them and Carl has tried to kill himself with a car at least twice.

It appears we are finally done with the Alby story after a few tense scenes. How great was it that Barb wrestled away the gun from Adaleen?

It was good to see the reppearance of Selma Green, although sadly it may be her last.

It was distressing to see Nicki instilling shame in Cara Lynn. Cara Lynn is nothing that Nicki said she was and Nicki knew that even as she said it. Alby is right in that regard. Nicki is compound through and through. Just as I said last week, she cannot completely change just by changing her environment.

Was anyone else creeped out by the expresionless robots at the boarding school that Nicki wanted to send Cara Lynn to?

How sweet was Frank when he looked at Lois and told her how beautiful she was? Now that she is on her three day stints of “bad days”, will Frank keep her promise and end it?

I really liked this episode of Big Love. The writers did a good job of clearing up some things such as closing the Alby storyline with his capture and showing some old faces like Selma Green. However, there are so many things left to tie up. How will it all end? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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