SKINS (UK) “Grace” Review

SKINS (UK) Grace Series 5 Episode 7

SKINS “Grace” series 5 episode 7 – When I started watching this weeks’s SKINS I mistakenly thought it was the last in the series by the end of it I was wishing it had been. On the whole the series has been entertaining…slightly ridiculous but watchable. There wasn’t any totally unnecessary Class A drug taking until at least 3 episodes in and it did seem to be attempting to deal with the issues of love, life and underage drinking that affect most 17 year olds. However this week Skins was bad….really bad.

Ok so the premise was Grace has to get an A in her drama class or her Dad/The Principle will send her back to her posh all-girls school. Probably not a bad idea seeing as I’ve never seen any of them even so much as pick up a pen let alone actually go to a class.

The acting on stage was suppose to be bad so what was the excuse off it. I do think expecting young Skins actors who have been plucked from nothing to convincingly recite Shakespeare is a step too far but the whole episode was littered with cringingly bad acting. I’ve never noticed how much Grace over pronunciates EVERYTHING, Matty’s wide eyed gormless look attempting to make up for an inability to convey emotion and Rich’s sober to absolutely annihilated in 3 seconds flat was just weird.

This Skins episode just didn’t achieve anything. The idea that Grace moulds her personality to suit everyone else and lives in a fairytale world was at least an attempt at developing her character but everything else in the episode was terrible.

Exhibit A
Liv – “I just don’t know how to be with them anymore”
Grace – “Yes you do…[long pause attempting dramatic tension]…just be with them.”

Exhibit B:
Mini – “We should do cocaine everyday it’s marvellous!”

There was also a new and rather desperate attempt to make up for a weak and boring story by throwing in an occasional “Fuck”. I was less shocked but more bored to my very core. Oh and to top it off I think Rich and Grace got engaged….I think but to be honest I might have fallen asleep by then.

So safe to say I didn’t enjoy it, hopefully next week’s Skins can recover from this spectacular nose dive. What did you think of this week’s Skins? Agree with my mauling or am I completely off the mark? Let me know in the comment box below!