BLUE BLOODS “Silver Star” Review

Blue Bloods

BLUE BLOODS “Silver Star” Season 1 Episode 17 – I like to think that Danny and Jackie would still have worked hard to solve the case in this episode, whether their victim was a Marine or not. But there’s no doubt that finding out your victim fought for this country that would give one reason to fight even harder to find their killer.

This one was tough on Danny and I loved how Frank was there for him, even before it got hard. In fact, ti was thanks to the help he got from all of his family – from his pop to his granddad and his wife – that Danny made it through relatively unscathed. He still went through a lot and did some things that maybe weren’t exactly kosher, but the fact that he survived with his sanity at all is due to the people around him.

One of my favorite scenes was once again at the dinner table (when are they not?). Danny talking to his boys about something that his father taught him and Frank admitting that it was Henry who taught it to him in the first place. That’s four generations learning something – something that is good and moral and not about (as Frank said) just having fun. How many of us can say we learned something like that? I don’t think I can, but as I watch this family it makes me want to start. Maybe I don’t have life lessons that I know go back four generations, but maybe I could be the first to start passing them on.

Look at that, a television show that makes someone want to be a better person. There’s something you don’t see everyday.

My favorite bits..

The fact that the two idiots with the major idiot at least had the decency to look shocked when they saw that the “bum” had a service medal on him. Not that that forgave what they’d already done and not that even if he hadn’t had it that it would excuse it either. Suck mother..*stops self from finishing that word*

Henry and Frank drinking their coffee with identical sips – like father, like son.

Frank’s refusal to get upset that people were trying to call him a glory hound.

Danny and the janitor both agreeing “there but the grace of God..”

Listening to Michael’s story from his sister and swearing that I will never complain about my life again. Wow.

Frank calling Danny not as the commissioner, but as his father and fellow Marine.

Danny telling his pop that if it had happened to him he’d want the most royally pissed off cop on the case.

Frank warning Danny to be careful and if he found himself on his third beer with the door closed, to go find his wife and children.

Finding out that Jamie was the first man to leave the country without a rifle in his hands. I actually think that’s a great thing.

Danny and Jackie messing with the guy by calling him “killer” and asking what his dress size was. Is it wrong that I enjoyed that quite a bit?

Danny describing Troy’s cohorts as Larry and Curly. Yep, that was an appropriate description.

Really, really wanting to punch Troy when he had the nerve to say, after Danny told him all about Michael’s life, that the guy had made some wrong choices in his life.

Danny’s major backward-driving skills.

Frank telling the press secretary that apparently she thinks she can call him anything she wants. Ah, so much anger in so few words.

Frank, a grown man and grandfather no less, using the phrase “see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.”

Jamie being the one who found Sissy.

The little boys’ eyes growing big when Henry brought in the cheesecake. Too cute.

Frank not missing the fact that Danny wasn’t eating much at dinner.

Danny telling the story of the day that another guy took his place on patrol and was killed. Watching him break down wasn’t easy but I’m so happy to see that he did it, especially to his wife. So many guys would try to hide something like that, which I think is the wrong thing to do.

Danny going to see Cassidy, sans badge and gun and having to be pulled off by a couple of uniforms. Whoa.

Frank and Henry both talking to Danny about what he did.

Literally gasping out loud when Danny pulled that Silver Star out of Cassidy’s coat. Yes!

Really, really enjoying the fact that the circumstances all added up just right for Danny to go one on one with Cassidy. Man, I think I needed to see that as much as Danny needed to do it but boy am I glad that he stopped himself before he took it too far. God, I know that was hard for him.

Seeing Michael get the burial he deserved.

Danny admitting that if he didn’t have his family that could be him. Wow, so powerful.

What did you think of the episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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