THE MENTALIST “Bloodstream” Review


THE MENTALIST “Bloodstream” Season 3 Episode 17 – A doctor is murdered on the driving range and Jane spends all his time in the hospital to figure out what happened. He makes friends with the nurses, finds out that the transplant team is doing some shady dealings for organs, figures out which docs are good ones and oh yeah, also manages to find the killer.

Meanwhile LaRoche takes up Hightower’s empty position and promptly pulls Lisbon off of leading the team, putting Cho in charge in stead. Cho had no problem whatsoever taking up the job, though I did see that he was still loyal to Lisbon under all that. He’s not exactly a humble sort of guy but that’s okay, he did do a great job and there’s nothing wrong with him knowing it.

I was gearing up to really dislike LaRoche but when he gave Lisbon the team back I understood why he did it in the first place. Whether anyone likes it or not, he’s in a place of authority and he needed everyone, including Lisbon, to understand that completely.

My favorite bits…

Beating the traffic or not, golfing at 4am sounds pretty crazy to me.

Jane’s “oopsie daisy” when they found out that LaRoche was in charge of running their team and was putting Cho in charge.

Finding it interesting how fast Cho went from trying to keep Lisbon secretly in charge to running the team his way.

Lisbon apologizing for Jane. I’m thinking she’s gotten pretty used to doing that on his behalf.

Jane promising to be on his best behavior and not say a word. Yeah, suuuure, right Jane.

Rigsby pointing out that Cho would make a good boss because he was already afraid of him.

Jane jumping up with his hand up in the air like a little kid in the transplant meeting.

Jane asking the killer to raise their hand. Ha!

Wow, Jane held out for almost three whole minutes from making a Sherlock Holmes reference while talking to Dr. Watson. Boy I bet that nearly killed him. LOL.

Jane’s joy at figuring out how to get Dr. Watson out of patient Syberia’s room.

I haven’t been a patient in a hospital in a while but I don’t remember visitors being allowed to bring guns.

Jane naming off all the reasons he knew that the man in the bed was Russian mafia.

The smidge of tension between Lisbon and Cho.

Jane telling the woman to scream because it not only helped with the pain, but would get her the drugs faster.

Jane getting all the nurses to scream because “A scream a day keeps the doctor away” – LOL.

The look on Rigsby’s face when Jane said it was Rigsby’s cue to be a hero, he was staying in the car.

Wow, I have to admit that I thought Dr. Watson was doing something completely different when he headed into that building and was found standing over a screaming woman.

Lisbon and Van Pelt doing a test to see how long it would take for someone to run through the hospital. I cracked up every time Lisbon reassured Van Pelt that she ran really, really fast.

Jane writing on Syberia while he was asleep.

LaRoche admitting that Lisbon was a good agent and putting her back in charge of her team.

The look on Lisbon’s face when LaRoche suggested that the reason he pulled her off was that he might be

Jane getting a page to move his ass to the OR. LOL.

Finding out that Jane didn’t really drug the coffee, he just told them that for the psychological effect. Nice.

Cho telling Lisbon that he was fully aware that he did a good job. It’s too bad he’s so self-conscious, he should work on that. LOL.

Jane deciding to keep the St. Sebastian medal. Believer or no, he’s still someone in pain, despite how much he hides it.

What did you think of this episode of The Mentalist? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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