THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Prestidigitation Approximation” Review

THE BIG BANG THEORY (CBS) The Prestidigitation Approximation

THE BIG BANG THEORY “The Prestidigitation Approximation” Season 4 Episode 18 – Leonard and Priya’s relationship moves onto the next level, with Priya giving him a makeover (including pesky contact lenses) and telling him of a job offer that would allow her to live in the area. There’s just one big hitch; Priya isn’t happy with Penny hanging around Leonard.

Meanwhile, Howard’s new card trick baffles Sheldon, driving him to use some pretty interesting techniques to try and figure it out. Hacking into a supercomputer, trying to buy uranium and a call from his mother later, Sheldon finally experiences the trick first hand – and is no closer to an answer. Little does he know that Howard, Raj and Penny have been tricking him and there is no actual trick.

This was a really enjoyable episode. A bit more resolution on the Priya-Penny storyline would have been great, but the ending only served to heighten the angsty undercurrent throughout this season. I really like Leonard and Priya’s relationship, even if it seems to be on its way out. Priya is unassuming and manages to both compliment the storylines and stay in the background at the same time. It’d be nice to get some more interaction between her and Raj though.

The card trick being a fake seemed pretty obvious to me, but watching Sheldon try to solve it was hilarious and provided some of the best lines of the episode. I still miss their penchant of sitting around a whiteboard or debating something scientific and confusing, but Sheldon inadvertently triggering a national security alert was almost as good.

Howard’s Mom-watch: Nothing this week. 🙁

Quote/s of the episode:

Sheldon: “Where am I going to find Uranium-235 this time of night? Come on Craigslist.”

Sheldon: “Clearly this deck is rigged.”
Howard: “Fine, get another deck and I’ll do the trick again.”
Sheldon: “So you’re saying this is a regulation deck?”
Howard: “I’m saying believe in magic, you muggle!”

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