Kristoffer Polaha Joins RINGER Pilot

LUX Kristoffer Polaha

Life Unexpected still hasn’t been officially cancelled, but star Kristoffer Polaha has lined up a new gig to cushion that inevitable final blow. TVLine reports Polaha will star in the CBS suspense-drama pilot RINGER, opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In Ringer, Gellar plays Bridget, a woman being chased by the mob who opts to hide more or less in plain sight by taking over the life of her rich twin sister, Siobhan. Unfortunately, her sister is in just as much trouble as she is and her life is at least as complicated.

It turns out Siobhan is married to Andrew (Ioan Griffud) and having an affair with unemployed Henry (Polaha) who just so happens to be married to Siobhan’s best friend (Tara Summers). When Bridget takes over Siobhan’s life, she’s apparently not all that interested in continuing the affair, so a hurt and confused Henry issues her an ultimatum that she must choose between Andrew and him.

Doesn’t Ringer sound delicious? My fingers are crossed it goes to series.