EAGLEHEART “Double Your Pleasure” Review

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EAGLEHEART “Double Your Pleasure” Episode 6 – Tonight’s episode of Eagleheart started off with the normal Eagleheart blood and guts and somehow ended up being a mash up parody of supernatural mystery and late night infomercial.

I laughed when Monsanto delicately rubbed that bearded giant of a man’s belly and then kissed him on the forehead before taking out his gun. It just wouldn’t be Eagleheart if Chris Monsanto didn’t end up with some sort of blood splattered on his face, would it? The blood in this scene was particularly clumpy and gross, so it made it all the more funny to see Monsanto’s stupid grin with that nasty fake blood dripping down his neck.

The pillow fight scene at Danny and Joshy Conty’s house was also great. Chris had the best look on his face for the entire scene that made him look like that kid we all knew in the grade school that treated every activity on the playground as if it was all a very serious competition. Monsanto wasn’t playing pillow fight like the Conty boys, he was in it to win it. He kept his serious face on and made no eye contact with his rivals while smacking them with the pillows. His ridiculously stern face alone made this my favorite scene of the episode.

After a really strange pancake eating ritual with the Conty twins, Monsanto loses control of his mind and actions. At this point, everything starts getting a little bit like a psychotic episode of The X-Files with Chris Monsanto’s mind being controlled by the bizarre Conte brothers. Of course this only lasts a moment or two and then the episode takes a completely different direction.

To fight his brainwashing and take control of his life, Chris gets suckered into an MLM scheme. The rest of the episode is cut up with a few cheesy commercials and product placement for the fictional cure-all super drink, Nutricai. During the second commercial, the Conty twins try to assassinate Chris at the Nutricai event but are foiled by by Monsanto’s skills. Unfortunately, Dave from Nutricai was not as lucky, but he was memorialized at the end of the episode and will never be forgotten.

Overall a pretty decent episode of Eagleheart, but probably not my favorite. While I liked all of the Nutricai commercials and thought were funny, they were a little jarring from the normal flow of the episode and I think I probably could have done with a little more crazy action and a little less crazy commercials. That said, the online commercial featuring Chris on the Nutricai.net website (which links to an Adult Swim video) was pretty silly, so be sure to check it out, especially if you loved the commercial parodies in the episode.