MR SUNSHINE “Crystal On Ice” Review

MR SUNSHINE “Crystal On Ice” Season 1 Episode 5 – Alonso’s perfection is once again causing his relationship to fray, Crystal is terrified of the Smurfs On Ice troupe performing a show at the Sunshine center and Ben feels an almost human emotion of compassion for Roman.

It was certainly better than last week’s episode, but this episode of Mr Sunshine was a reasonably entertaining affair. The edginess of the comedy (as edgy as network will allow, but still a welcome non-politically correct style of humor) helps save the show, even though the jokes do not always land.

The show is improving. Allison Janney is still the show’s greatest asset and the writers know it: her scarred history with the smurfs on ice was a highlight of the show, her emotional confession a wonderful parody of melodrama.

Alonso’s perfection was entertaining, particularly his giving blood on the day of his homeless fundraiser while learning Spanish, but I wonder how long they can keep up with this schtick.

So far the most underrated, underused character is Heather. Everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious creepy or startlingly sweet.

Roman makes Ben a more likable character, and Matthew Perry and Nate Torrence work well together and can make Mario Kart discussions quite hilarious.

My favorite moments were the first and last five minutes: Alonso’s clothing for the homeless raise brought out the best in everyone, from Ben’s callousness forgetfulness about his employee’s deceased wife to Heather’s delightful creepy giveaway of her high school English teacher’s clothes, and Crystal dancing on ice with smurfs was a classic conception.

As I mentioned, this show is definitely improving. A little more consistency and a little more humor and the show might live up to the caliber of its cast and the awesomeness of its theme song.

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