FAIRLY LEGAL “Ultravinyl” Review

FAIRLY LEGAL "Ultravinyl" Episode 8

FAIRLY LEGAL “Ultravinyl” Season 1 Episode 8 – There were touching moments in this episode, thanks to Kate mediating the case of a former pop star, his band mates, and the son he gave up to them. There’s nothing like the story of a dying man trying to spend the last few months he has with the only family has ever known, to get the waterworks going and it sure worked on me.

Meanwhile Kate and Justin are dealing with the big talk they had in last week’s episode but before they can let it go at that, they dragged back into their old life when a problem in their former house pops up. Through the course of dealing with the issue, we once again got to see how they were as a couple and boy oh boy, did they have issues. Everything was fine and dandy when they were just sleeping around and having fun, but as soon as reality rears its ugly head, it’s all over pretty quick.

In the end though, we started to see some signs of reconciliation. Seems like they’re being more truthful now than they ever were when they were married. Now that they are on the brink of divorce, suddenly they are saying the things I’m guessing they never said before and if they keep it up, I’m thinking they could be on the way to being together again.

My favorite bits…

Justin catching Kate singing along to the radio. Man, I hate it when people do that to me.

Loving Kate’s little sailor girl type shirt. So cute.

Kate asking Lauren if her cold tone of voice was something that came naturally to her.

Kate admitting to Leo that she “scread” the file he gave her.

Starting to hum that dang song with Kate.

Actually being a little surprised that the kid didn’t want his parents to get involved with Paul again. I figured he’d either want the fame or the money. Now I’m intrigued.

Leo asking if Benny’s absence was due to any involvement by the jets. Bwahaha!

The entire awkward conversation between Leo and Kim the sandwich girl. Yep, he said it right, smooth as an alligator’s butt described it pretty well.

Kate calling design of the condo “brothel chic.” LOL.

OMG Brandon is Paul’s son. Whoa. Didn’t see that coming, but it totally explains why Brandon didn’t want Paul back in his life.

Paul excusing himself to Kate by saying the he had explained to her that he was a prick.

Kate calling Leo a very special man.

Aw darn, am I the only one who was a little disappointed that Kate didn’t go ahead and mediate the gamers using an avatar. I mean, c’mon, how cool would that have been?

Kate telling a bar full of people that David had herpes. Well, that’s one way to get someone to talk to you.

This line from Leo: “Where some decent clothes. Bathrobes do not count; common mistake among gamers.”

Kate once again coming up with a clever way to do what needs to be done. This time it was telling Mac and Sherry that Paul was dying.

Getting a warm, fuzzy feeling when Mac, Sherry and Paul worked out their differences.

Lauren asking Kate if she was going to hug her.

Kinda understanding why Brandon was reluctant to go meet his father. The guy is dying and I’m sure the kid is afraid to get close to him just in time to lose him.

Kate talking to an entire room of people who were on their phones. Oh boy, I have so been there and it’s my biggest pet peeve.

Leo going in for a hug after Kate figured out how to talk to the gamers. I thought the fist to the chest salute was a nice touch.

Getting a little weepy when Paul started singing with his son and friends looking on.

Justin admitting that sometime when they fight, it turns him on a little.

David handing Kate that folder with a lot of answers in it.

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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