CSI “The List” Review

CSI “The List”, Season 11 Episode 17 – The first scene of this episode of CSI showed us one of the worst prisoner transportation attempts of all time. I really hope that stuff like this doesn’t happen in real prisons, because I don’t think that walking members of a gang past members of an opposing gang with no physical way of keeping them apart does not sound like a good plan. Either way, this is how “The List” began, but I’m not complaining seeing as how it got us an awesome tirade from Ray as he yelled at the prisoners. “I want your shoes, I want your jumps, I want your DNA…Prison will NOT protect you!” It reminded me of Rorschach’s line from Watchmen as he yelled to his inmates “I’m not stuck in here with you! You’re stuck in here with me!”

I normally like episodes of procedurals where members of the team are suspects as it gives us another reason to be involved in the case. However, they very rarely actually pan out. Usually the member of the team is exonerated at the last second and found to be innocent. That’s exactly what happened this episode, as the team members that we know and love were off the hook about 20 minutes into the episode. All of the promos for this episode said that one of the team members would be accused of a murder, but they were all exonerated so quickly that it didn’t really live up to the billing.

I was glad that CSI has been referencing past team members and story lines quite a bit recently. This episode even gave us a reference to Warrick’s murder! It’s definitely surprising to see a show like CSI reference old characters like this, as procedurals like this usually just pretend that anything that occurred up until the current episode never happened. CSI seems to really be leading the charge on this front, as this season has already had recurring characters like Justin Bieber’s Jason McCann, Nate Haskell, as well as a small cameo from good ol’ Gil Grissom! I’ve said in previous reviews how much I enjoy it when procedurals do this, as it rewards the viewer for being faithful to the show. I also liked the little joke that Catherine made at Greg’s expense when he asked if he was being chased by another stripper, referencing this season’s earlier episode “A Kiss Before Frying”.

Although the episode didn’t really deliver on what the promos said it would, it still provided as a decent episode of CSI that continued to reference old characters from the show! I hope to see more of this in the future!

Random Thoughts:

– Was anybody else creeped out by Jim’s comment on the Anne-marie’s picture? “Man she’s sexy!” Who picks up a picture of somebody they used to know and just says that? That creepy comment alone was all of the evidence I need to convict him as the one ordering the hit.

– In other creepy news, how about Dr. Al saying that Mrs. Robbins is always starting without him. Sure you’re talking about dinner, creep.

– It seems like they’re setting up Anne-Marie as yet another recurring villain for the show. I hope there’s more female villains on the show!

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