V “Devil In A Blue Dress” Review

V Season 2 Episode 9 Devil in a Blue Dress (13)

V “Devil In A Blue Dress” Season 2 Episode 9 – Where to start with this week’s episode of V? I’m still trying to gather my thoughts and figure a few things out, while at the same time wondering why I feel underwhelmed.

“Devil In A Blue Dress” starts with Anna and the Visitors introducing their “blue energy” to humans. Under the pretense that this new feature will be a useful “gift” to earth, Anna brings blue energy to power each of her Concordia sites.

What Sid discovers is that the Concordia stations are not what Anna says they are (really? I’m shocked). Instead, each site will serve as a landing pad for each of the motherships that are currently hovering over earth. And, well, that’s a lot of spaceships.

Using Lisa to help gain access to blue energy, Erica has Sid work on a way to destroy the system. but tries to make it look like an accident to keep The Fifth Column off of Anna’s radar. Needless to say, things go sort of wrong, and Lisa is told by Diana that if messed with, blue energy can act as a weapon that will pretty much blow the entire planet to kingdom come.

Lisa gets Ryan to help her stop her human friends from destroying blue energy, and for a few tense moments in that reactor room I thought that everyone was going to be toast. Turns out that Ryan is still really great with the Visitor’s technology and was able to stop Sid’s plan for blue energy.

BUT, stopping the system takes out the energy grid of the eastern seaboard, which of course puts The Fifth Column right at the TOP of Anna’s suspicion list. Great job guys. While the planet isn’t roasted, Erica and Jack get into a mini spat about how the Column aren’t taking any risks – and casualties are inevitable.

I think this might mean a new attitude for Miss Erica Evans. Which, personally, I think would be awesome. I’m not saying she has to go out and risk everyone on the planet, but she was made leader of The Fifth Column for a reason, and now is her time to lead.

There were a few comments last week on my review about how everything seems to be going the right away for the Visitors and that humans are pretty much screwed. Well, the hits just KEEP on coming. Anna found out that she could bliss humans, and when Tyler told her he wanted to spend more time with him mother, she blessed the heck out of him.

Yet ANOTHER weapon that she has to work against humans, even though it makes her bleed from the eyes, but you know. the humans have Sid. And the fact that Anna seems to be showing emotion for Amy, which was something that I didn’t see coming. (and why does that kid keep aging as much as she does? I understand the whole hybrid/aging thing, but she’s getting older QUICKLY)

When Lisa finds out what Anna did to Tyler, a plan is set into motion with the help of Diana to overthrow Anna as queen of the Visitors.

PHEW! Got all of that? There was more, but I think that pretty much covers the important points.

My thoughts:

  • Anna’s line at the start of the episode: “And the annihilation of humanity can begin.” was pretty clear. And pretty creepy.
  • When Erica gave Tyler his dad’s leather jacket and the moment they had by the car was fantastic. I still think Tyler is a little whiney brat, but he did redeem himself a little bit in that scene. And then went and got himself blissed, but that’s not (totally) his fault.
  • This is a total personal note – but I have a MAJOR girl crush on Lisa. SERIOUSLY could she BE more beautiful??
  • Anna’s eye blood really grossed me out. But I sort of liked it that SOMETHING drained her and actually made her stumble. It made it more realistic that the humans could eventually beat her because she DOES have a weakness.
  • This is probably me looking at symbolism more than I need to, but I find it interesting that Anna and Tyler are very similar in looks while Lisa and Erica could be related. Hmmmm…
  • Joshua! Joshua remembers being Fifth Column!! Maybe this will actually HELP the human cause. We’ll see.
  • What did you think of V this week? Was it the episode that you’d hoped for?

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