Survivor: Redemption Island “Don’t You Work For Me?”, Season 22 Episode 4 – After staying out of the limelight most of last episode, Phillip returned with a vengeance in this week’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, “Don’t You Work For Me?”. This guy is Survivor gold. He hunts for hermit grabs with his giblets getting blurred out, sweeps up the dirt ground, uses the Redemption Island invitation as a telescope, and that’s just in the first five minutes! I meant what I said in my first review for this season: This dude needs a reality show! He even attempts to withhold and sell information to Boston Rob after the Dual. What a gutsy move!

So Ralph told his 6 person alliance that he has the immunity idol. I’m not sure what the strategy behind this is. I guess everybody’s line of thought is that by showing your alliance the idol, that strengthens your trust with those people. However, it seems like the only time people do this, it just paints a huge target on their back. I really don’t think Ralph is intelligent enough to see any blindsides coming, so I anticipate he’ll get his comeuppance soon.

Before we continue, let’s have a moment of silence for Russell………Thank you. One of the best players to ever play the game, in my opinion. And for all of the people who will be saying “Well, Russell didn’t make it past episode four, so that proves he’s not the player that everybody thinks he is!” I call BS. If you think for one minute that Russell would have gone so quickly if he hadn’t already been on two seasons and shown everybody what type of player he is, then you don’t know the first thing about Survivor. The only reason he is gone at this point is because of his past. People harbor grudges and start acting like fools, and that’s when you see people start throwing challenges and voting out strong players when they’re down in numbers. It’s disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, even though I loved Russell I don’t think he ever had a chance at actually winning this game, I still think it was foolish to get rid of him when his tribe did.

All right, thanks for letting me get that out of my system. So Zapatera won the immunity and reward challenge, so unfortunately their karma hasn’t caught up with them yet. A disappointed Ometepe returned to camp to a nice little post-loss pep talk from Phillip. Here’s the question I have for Phillip: Does that losing pep talk ever work? Seriously. Can anybody think of any instance in Survivor history where a team returns from a demoralizing loss and somebody’s speech actually makes everybody feel better? Me neither.

I was genuinely surprised by the outcome at tribal council. I think it’s a really strong testament to how important the social game is to people. If you’re like Kristina and not making friends, that apparently is more damning to you than being a certified crazy person and running around in your underwear.

Random Thoughts:

– Boston Rob and his thick Bostonian accent make him sound like somebody out of The Departed when he asks “Don’t you work for me?!” Wouldn’t that be pretty awesome if he has a walk-on cameo role in an upcoming Scorcese movie? He even looks the part.

– I think it would be a great running joke if Phillip drastically misspells everybody’s name that he writes down. Even when he’s just trying to write “Rob”, he’ll find some way to mess it up.

– Despite the low ratings of this season so far, I’m excited that CBS has renewed the show for 2 more seasons! Jeff’s contract was renewed, too! Hooray!