OFF THE MAP “There’s Nothing to Fix” Review

OFF THE MAP "There's Nothing to Fix" Episode 9

OFF THE MAP “There’s Nothing to Fix” Season 1 Episode 9 – Tonight’s episode made me cry. There, I said it. But frankly I don’t know how I was expected to hold back the tears when it features a storyline with a sick baby and a man choosing that child over his wife. Yes, there were tears and lots of them, but they were the happy kind. Not that I really blamed the mother for her decision, I mean if you don’t want a child, please don’t try to raise one. But the husband going ahead by himself was awesome.

Mina dealing with a patient who was nothing short of an ass, was on one hand pretty hilarious and on the other, kinda sad. The fact that she turns out to be (as Ryan said) the biggest humanitarian on the planet, was interesting considering she started out as the most cold-hearted person on the planet. I think she’s a big softie underneath it all, but is afraid to show it.

Then there was Tommy, who literally put everything he had into one of his patients by giving him his own blood and saving the guy’s life. Looks like he and Mina have decided that their one night stand was just that, which I think is good.

My favorite bits..

Zita finding Tommy and Mina asleep in her garden..and butt naked.

Cole laughing hysterically while Zita described what she found in her garden. I loved when she said they should have thrown down a tarp rather than roll in her herbs with their big white butts. LOL!

The shock in the docs’ eyes as they watched a boat go down right before their eyes. Wow, talk about great timing.

Mina’s new patient asking if his lesion made his butt look big. Ha!

Tommy blurting out to Ben that he slept with Mina, over a patient.

Cole swearing that while he was horny, it was coming from a better place now. Wow, there’s one I’ve never heard before.

Totally agreeing with Mina, Richie was a total ass.

Richie giving Ryan his bedpan as a “present”. Like I said…total ass!

Actually being a little surprised that Zita suggested the parents return the baby. I figured that might be where this story was going, but I thought it would be the parents who suggested it first.

My heart breaking a little for the husband holding that baby while his wife told him she never wanted to be a mother, especially when it’s obvious he really wants to be a father.

Ryan pointing out to Mina that sleeping with Tommy in the garden was very Biblical. Ha!

Lily going in after Andre but then having to let him go when he wouldn’t stop jumping on her. Awful.

Feeling like cheering when Mina finally gave Richie a piece of her mind.

Okay dangit, it’s not nearly as fun that Mina told Richie off if he goes ahead and dies.

Tommy fighting to save his patient, even when Ben had decided to give up. Gibing him his own blood, to boot.

Wow, I thought I wouldn’t care if Richie died, but I kinda do. Dammit.

Cole’s little smile when the husband told his wife that he felt like that baby’s father.

Okay I’m gonna admit it right now, I bawled like a baby myself when Cole handed that child to her new daddy. What a beautiful moment.

And then I cried again when all the other parents got off the bus and said they were staying to help him through it.

Ben asking Tommy to do him a favor and eat a cookie.

The silence that met Mina’s request to say something nice about Richie before they put him in the ground.

Tommy telling Lily that he and Mina “kinda” slept together. Kinda? How does one do that exactly?

Lily completely breaking down.

Ben deciding to go be with Ryan while she got her tests.

What did you think of this episode of Off The Map? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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