LIGHTS OUT “Infight” Review


LIGHTS OUT “Infight” Season 1 Episode 9 – Promos schmomos. Romeo is reluctant to allow Lights to shoot a promo for his upcoming match with Reynolds. His reluctance is so great is causes rifts between Lights and Romeo. Lights’ failure to uphold his contract with the network is putting Johnny in financial jeopardy. Again.

This was a decent but by no means spectacular episode of Lights Out. Like the preceding episodes, this one seems to be unable to reach the full potential it promised. Romeo was given several emotional monologues which fell flat because the emotion appeared to be forced: his goodbye to the two (again, one was out of the picture) daughters was one delivered with so much melancholy you’d have thought they were close relations, not that he was a lovely chap who stayed with them for a few weeks. This is Romeo’s character: he’s supposed to be this sort of sage support who can get close to even the most shielded of people, but there was too much telling, not enough showing.

Lights’ decision to get rid of him was well handled: Romeo’s psychology is an interesting one. He has charmed Lights’ wife and children, those who love Lights the most, but he has driven off Lights’ father and brother, both who have shown time and time again that, while they may mean well, they (Johnny in particular) do not always want what is best for Lights.

Furthermore Teresa’s back story was finally introduced and it was a sort of dramatic letdown; couldn’t she have told Danni several episodes ago why they never say their English relations? Is the licentious and greedy bastard of a father really the most shameful thing in the world? Lights himself savagely broke a man’s arm in front of his family for money and blackmailed his daughter into keeping his potentially life threatening illness to herself, thank you very much.

I also liked the chance to see inside of Reynolds’ home life, though his Japanese style peace sanctuary of a home seems at odds with the insecure muscle packing Romeo had promised.

Johnny is an established ass, and Lights has already been established as blindly loyal to his family. So long as Romeo kept Lights apart from his family, he was a problem. With scissors in his side, I’m not sure if Romeo will be heading home as soon as Lights had anticipated. Or maybe the writers just want to draw out this relationship break up, which has barely been given a chance to grow.

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