JUSTIFIED “Cottonmouth” Review

JUSTIFIED "Cottonmouth" Season 2 Episode 5

JUSTIFIED “Cottonmouth” Season 2 Episode 5 – Well, he did it. Boyd Crowder went back to the dark side. Only it just about backfired on him when the creeps he was working with decided that they were just going to use him and then get rid of him. Classy bunch of folks right there. When Boyd gets wind of it, he rigs their truck to blow instead. They hit the switch to kill him off, but kill themselves instead and when one of them doesn’t go down with the truck, Boyd throws a few bullets in him for good measure. Lesson learned? You do not mess with Boyd.

So Boyd has decided that enough is enough and much like I said last week, it has a lot to do with the fact that everyone has been calling him bad and he’s finally agreeing with them. He tried to fight it but it was of no use and now he’s even got Ava involved. I have no doubt that she did indeed take that money he gave her and will tell the cops whatever they need to hear to prove that Boyd didn’t have a part in that attempted robbery. I never pegged her as much of a goody two shoes so I can’t say I’m all that surprised.

I’m just waiting to see what Boyd does next and I’m also waiting to see how long it takes for Raylan to figure out what really happened. We all know he will; it’s just a matter of time. Then Raylan will be after Boyd again and all will be right with the world, because it seems like those two just can’t exist as anything other than hunter and hunted. Which is okay by me.

Now I’d like to give a special mention to Jim Beaver’s (aka Bobby on Supernatural) part in this episode. I love it when my favorite actors visit other shows and it was great seeing him playing another character. I’m very happy that he lived too, as that means we might just see him again.

And finally, I’d like to give another special mention to…Boyd’s hair. Is it just me or is it getting wilder and wilder? There were times in this episode when it was downright feral.

My favorite bits…

Dewey thinking that TB was some sort of a “monkey virus.”

“You know what this is? That’s the world’s smallest man playing ‘My Heart Bleeds For You’ on a tiny violin.” – LOL!

Raylan telling Dewey that, after his shave, maybe he could pass for sixteen.

Mullen calling Raylan the “Hillbilly Whisperer.” Ha!

Raylan’s daddy showing up at the precinct with some money in an old rag and then promptly sitting down with a letter opener and trying to cut off his anklet.

Boyd calling his own phone so he could listen in and find out that Kyle and his boys were planning on doing him in. Damn, he’s clever.

Boyd doing dishes.

Raylan saying that minding his own business would not be like him. Yep, that is so true.

Raylan holding up his hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. That is SO something I would do.

Totally digging Boyd’s version of the ABC’s – Always Be Cool.

Wincing when Raylan got hit with the taser and, even though he was the bad guy, kinda wincing when Raylan hit the other guy back in the jewels. Ouch.

OMG it’s Jim Beaver…and he’s not wearing a baseball hat. And his name is Shelby, which is my nickname. This is all kinds of awesome.

Kyle and his idiot friend thinking they were blowing up Raylan and instead blowing up themselves. Ha!

Boyd apologizing to Shelby for getting him involved.

Shelby agreeing to Boyd’s conditions.

Boyd telling Ava that she had saved his life and then telling her everything that happened.

Ava asking Boyd why he had agreed to rob the mine in the first place and him replying that it was who he was and everyone seemed to have figured that out but him.

Literally having to cover my eyes when Mags beat Cougar’s hand with that hammer.

Raylan giving Loretta the cell phone and telling her to call him and he will drop everything if she ever finds herself in trouble.

What did you think of this episode of Justified? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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