Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior “One Shot Kill”, Season 1 Episode 4 – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior returned this week with another episode that I believed to be another marked improvement from the season premiere just a few weeks ago. “One Shot Kill” was actually the first episode to make a big call back to the Criminal Minds episode “The Fight”. This episode was the one where the original team met up with this team, and it was the progenitor for this entire show, and in that episode we find out that Mick is a sniper. He actually helped in the very end of the episode in bringing the unsub to justice with his sniper rifle, so it was good for the show to acknowledge his background from that original episode. This has been one of my major complaints with the show, its general disconnect from the original series, so I was glad to see this addressed even if it was in such a minor way.

Another major complaint I’ve had thus far is the odd lack of chemistry between the team members. I was very happy to see quite a few scenes this week with the team not only interacting well with each other, but with Garcia. It helped that the case this week directly related to one of the team members, which probably won’t happen every week, but I was nonetheless very pleased with the increased rapport in the squad. I really liked the fight scene at the end, as well.

I don’t mean to gush about this show or anything, as I still get an overall feeling of inferiority when compared to the original, but I was also really digging the cinematography of this episode. The previous episodes have been presented to the viewer in a very bland, straight-forward way. This episode, however, had a lot of interesting camera angles that show the crime scenes through many different viewpoints. It’s a small thing, and most people probably won’t even notice or care, but I just thought I’d bring it up.

I’m surprised that people seem so intent on disliking Janeane Garofalo so much. I get that she’s got some radical political views, and her character isn’t very likable, but let’s talk about Beau Garrett’s character. What is she bringing to the character? She’s obviously on the show as eye candy, but she has absolutely no discernible use to the team. Everybody else on the team has some kind of specialty, but what does she do?

Overall I really enjoyed this episode. It’s clear that the writers are aware that the show was off to a rocky start, and that they needed to make some changes. I’m still left wondering how this team differs at all from the original team, but now I have confidence in the writers of this show that if they were able to address so many of my other problems, maybe they can address this one pretty soon.

Random Thoughts:

– The unsub reminded me of Sgt. Daniel Jackson from Saving Private Ryan. He even looked similar, with his blond hair and dead eyes.

– Dude I got so pumped when Mick whipped out his rifle! Time for a sniper-off!

– They should really make a sniper rifle that doesn’t shine so visibly while the guy is trying to shoot.