WHITE COLLAR “Under the Radar” Review

White Collar (USA) Under the Radar

WHITE COLLAR “Under the Radar” Season 2 Episode 16 – First up, I just wanted to say that I feel like somebody over at White Collar must have somehow made a list of all the things I’ve always wanted to see on the show. Because there have been so many great moments – from the first ep where Peter on hoseback (which was a dream I
*never* thought I’d see), to last week’s ep where the guys switched places.

In this episode the first thing I saw from my list was Peter and Neal working a “job” together again. Watching how well they worked together while Neal was trying to safe- crack a submarine was fantastic. It’s scenes like that which make me wish for more reasons for the two of them to do crime together. They make an awesome team, no matter which side of the law their on. Oh and yeah, I’m fully aware they *had* to do it, but come on, you can’t tell me that wasn’t all kinds of cool.

But as much as I enjoy watching the guys work together, I have to admit that way down on my wish list was also seeing what might happen should Neal either decide to (or be coerced to) go bad again. Well that’s precisely what we got in the final moments and I cannot wait to see what Neal decides to do. I want him to be a good boy but also, how can he resist all that lovely treasure? Plus, who will he choose to share it with? Alex or Sara? I like Sara as a character but I have to say when Alex is around I just feel like those two have more sparks.

And with that, the Kate/music box/fractal antenna/Adler storyline is done. We found out where it all began (with Alex’s grandfather no less) as well as why Kate died and now I can’t wait to see where they go next. All I have to say now is..

Is it summer yet????

My favorite bits..

Peter’s joy at watching Neal lug that box around and trying to claim it was “valuable field experience.” Yeah, right, suuuure Peter.

The fact that everyone could tell that something was up with Sara and Neal just by watching them talk to each other. If they were trying to keep it a secret, they were out of luck.

I’m with Neal, I don’t think Alex would work with Adler either.

Mozzie’s “Aw nuts!” when Jones ran after him. Hilarious!

The very nice little switch maneuver that Neal pulled with Ames to get his trust.

This bit: Peter: “Money?” Mozzie: “What money?” Peter: “The three hundred bucks Ames gave you.” Mozzie: “What three hundred bucks that Ames gave me?

Wondering if, since Peter suggested it would help, he got slapped by Alex when he woke up. After all, he did look pretty bright-eyed and bushy tailed by the time we saw him.

Okay he’s a jerk but I think Adler’s probably at least a little right. Neal probably will go on that boat more to see what’s on it than anything else.

Neal telling Adler that if he didn’t like them talking while they worked, he should come do it himself. Ha! You tell’im Neal.

Peter and Neal taking a moment to say some final words to each other. Not that they actually said much but they really didn’t need to either.

Neal turning off his camera. Awesome!

Mozzie asking for motion sickness medicine in the truck. LOL.

Wondering why all of them were staying on the ground. I mean I know their feet were tied but couldn’t they still have hopped around a bit?

Neal burying his face in Alex’s blouse. Classic.

Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt as soon as Neal starting kissed Alex, that Sara would be there to see it.

Jones offering to be Neal’s wingman and Neal telling him if he wasn’t out in ten minutes, he should send back up. Yep, that’s probably a good idea.

Finding out that it was Alex’s grandfather who built the music box. Interesting.

Peter ordering Sara and Neal to his house for some “little chickens.”

Finding out that weather stripping was the latest controversy rocking the Burke household.

Sara and Elizabeth sitting on the couch and chatting about the boys, and Neal and Peter chatting at the kitchen table about the girls. Something about that whole scene was beyond sweet.

The fact that, as soon as he saw the plume of smoke, the first words out of Peter’s mouth were “Where’s Neal??”

Peter taking down Adler before he could shoot Neal.

Peter accusing Neal of taking the art. Whoa!

That tiny little smile when Neal realized what he had. Oh..My.GAWD.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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