TRAFFIC LIGHT “Breaking Bread” Episode 5

TRAFFIC LIGHT (FOX) Breaking Bread

Check out a first look at the upcoming episode of TRAFFIC LIGHT Episode 5 titled “Breaking Bread” which airs on Tuesday March 8 at 9:30pm on FOX. You can read all our coverage of Traffic Light here.

Episode Synopsis: TRAFFIC LIGHT “Breaking Bread” Episode 5 – Callie finds a lost puppy belonging to one of their elderly neighbors, but when Adam unintentionally takes credit for rescuing the puppy, the neighbor shows her appreciation to Adam almost too generously. When Lisa complains about the noise coming from their music- blasting neighbor, Mike’s plan to confront his neighbor and ensure peace and quiet takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Ethan’s girlfriend takes interest in meeting his wise next-door neighbor face-to-face in the all-new “Breaking Bread” episode of TRAFFIC LIGHT airing Tuesday, March 8 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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