RAISING HOPE “The Cultish Personality” Review

RAISING HOPE (FOX) "The Cultish Personality"

RAISING HOPE “The Cultish Personality” Season 1 Episode 16 – Cousin Mike returns from his six month absence with a wife and four brother-husbands in tow in the “The Cultish Personality” episode of RAISING HOPE.

I love this episode. J. K. Simmons, Mary Lyn Rajskub, and Paul F. Tomkins all guest starring makes for a trifecta of hilarity and I learn that love isn’t a two way street; it’s a five-way intersection. Could there be a better brother to Burt than J. K. Simmons? Their mattress fight is epic and surprisingly touching and I love how J.K. adapts some of Burt’s mannerisms to fit Bruce. I hope we see him again.

If Mike hadn’t gone back to his dad, I think we could have had our first Raising Hope spinoff: Brother-Husbands. I would have watched. I’m not sure which I like more: that brother-husbands are issued a uniform, that Jimmy got sucked in so easily, or the insanely to-the-point divorce ritual. Hee. The serenade is ridiculously catchy and adorable. “I used to think love was meant for two, but that was before I met you and you and you.” This Osmond cover band definitely makes polyandry look fun, but I’m pretty sure one husband is all I can handle.

I so want to stay in my jammies and play hide and go seek at two o’clock in the afternoon, especially if I can have a Maw Maw lamp. Raising Hope does an excellent job of making it seem like we’re just getting tiny glimpses into The Chances’ lives and that their (mis)adventures continue when we’re not looking. Not all shows can pull that off. They also can’t all pull off continuity as well we get here with the small references to Burt the internet sensation or that when he tells himself to think, he just pictures the word think. Speaking of little touches: Virginia has an awesome sad face, Burt’s prison beard is impressive, Jimmy’s Smeagol impression is eerily close, and I hope there is a DVD extra explaining how they get Baby Hope to make that WTF face. Oh, and does anyone else get the feeling that at some point we’ll find out that Sabrina is actually getting her PhD in Psychology and she’s using the Chances as a case study?

Favorite lines:

“No need to spray cheese on anything.”

“As there have been no reports on the news about mass suicides or anything, I assume he’s doing fine.”

“My cousin is an ultra-gay conservative. He’s a member of the herbal tea party.”

“I wish your dad was here, but he’s off being a big throbbing tool.”

“Hello, monogamists!”

“Put down the Ovechkin!”

“When you find my son, beat him black and blue.”/”I’d love to, but with the internet and phone cameras, the fun’s over.”

“What is this, some kind of Japanese game show?”

“You people really suck at hide and go seek. I quit!”

Even in the silliest episodes, Raising Hope keeps its heart right on its sleeve. I can be exhausted and cranky when it comes on, but by the end I’m always relaxed and laughing. As a bonus, this time I have Sabrina and Shelley’s song stuck in my head. That should make for some interesting dreams.

What did you think of “The Cultish Personality?” What were your favorite parts or lines? For the women, would you want your very own set of brother-husbands?

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