cartoon network-shows

Cartoon Network is renewing Hole in the Wall, Dude, What Would Happen, and Destroy Build Destroy for 2011. They air on Wednesdays at respectively 7:30pm, 8:00pm, and 8:30pm. Each of the three shows is the #1 program in their time slots with boys 6-11 and 9-14.

HOLE IN THE WALL, hosted by Teck Holmes (The Real World: Hawaii), is a “twisted” half-hour game show featuring two competing teams of families as they face down a series of moving walls with ever-changing cut-out shapes. Contortion is the key to the game since competitors must position their bodies in any way possible to clear the walls and avoid being thrust into a pool of water. This happens all before a live-audience. As they successfully face down each wall, the patterns become more and more challenging. The last family standing gets to take home the coveted Hole in the Wall trophy, and wins the opportunity to conquer the hardest wall of all, the Impossi-Wall. Hole in the Wall is produced by FremantleMedia North America with Scott St. John as executive producer.

DUDE, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN is a live-action series that asks such ridiculously thought provoking questions as, “Dude, what would happen if we tried to surf to class, or if we tried to bowl in zero G’s, or if we tried to do laundry in a car wash?” Armed with an insatiable thirst for answers and with unlimited access to anything and everything, the three hosts CJ Manigo, Ali Sepasyar and Jackson Rogow ask these kinds of questions each week. Dude, What Would Happen is produced by Ping Pong Productions with Brad Kuhlman and Casey Brumels as executive producers.

Now in its third season the game show DESTROY BUILD DESTROY is hosted by Andrew W.K. He moderates as two teams compete (with the guidance and assistance of professionals) to destroy a large object, rebuild it into something different and then destroy it again. Each week new teams face new challenges, building from the debris. It takes strategy, wits and teamwork for one team’s creation to out-perform the other, or else the losing team’s hard work will go up in smoke. Destroy Build Destroy was created by Dan Taberski and produced by Idiot Box & Mess Media. Dan Taberski and Scott Messick are executive producers for the series.