THE SIMPSONS “The Scorpion’s Tale” Review

THE SIMPSONS "The Scorpion's Tale"

THE SIMPSONS “The Scorpion’s Tale” Season 22 Episode 15 – The fact that The Simpsons are still on the air is a marvel in itself. The fact that The Simpsons still manages to churn out episodes as funny and heart warming as “The Scorpion’s Tale” is mindboggling. It is a show which has defied the limits of its genres (and yes, from adult sitcom to family comedy, political satire to melodrama it has defied a myriad of conventions) and left its competitors broken down and sobbing in its wake. And its done so without reshuffling, aging, or killing off any of its main characters.

This week found Lisa making a mighty scientific discovery: the essence of a certain rare flower found only in the desert calms normally unpleasant and irate creatures, such as scorpions and old people. When Grandpa Simpson is kicked out of his retirement home, Homer steals his daughter’s science experiment and uses it to sedate his father. Film director Werner Herzog took a break from grizzly bears and South American jungles to lend his distinctive, gravelly, German voice to the adult Augustus Gloop, whose gluttony has been turned into greed as he turns the special mixture into pills, which the ever industrious Bart sells to the rest of the old people in Springfield.

This episode was high quality Simpsons. It was funny (Bart and Lisa’s mad dash run at breakfast as they try to flee the wrath of their cranky grandfather was a nugget of hilarious truth at which The Simpsons excels), satirical (Homer’s decision to get a three year loan to fix his car), at times beautiful (Lisa’s lone walk through the desert), at times ridiculous (eyeballs. The most awesomely disgusting reaction to drugs I’ve seen on television in ages).

This season the episodes have been unpredictable, but The Scorpion’s Tale featured some top notch writing, character development and one-liners.

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