PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Someone to Watch Over Me” Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Someone to Watch Over Me"

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Someone to Watch Over Me” Episode 20 – A lot of excitement on this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. First, the police have taken their interest in Spencer to the next level, obtaining a search warrant of her house and bedroom. Luckily, Spencer’s mother was able to prevent them from seizing her laptop. Although Spencer’s mother also manages to have the search warrant and its results thrown out, it is a bit too late as the police find fibers on Spencer’s name bracelet that match the sweater with the blood on it. I do not think the police will be looking for other suspects anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Caleb and Hanna’s relationship explodes apart before it even has time to start. I honestly had no idea the owl pendant would turn out to be a flash drive or that Jenna would pay Caleb for actual phone data. I kind of figured she would pay him to spy on Hanna and the girls and report back, but phone data? Did anyone see 214 turning out to be his locker combination? It feels like that storyline is entirely disconnected from “A” and Allison’s murder despite the end scene with A breaking the plastic Hanna heart. I want Caleb and Hanna to get back together, but I am not sure how she will recover from this heartbreak.

Aria is careless and now both of her parents are suspicious about her relationship with the anonymous “boy” that we all know as Mr. Fitz. Yes, she cleared her room of all damning evidence. Oh, with the exception of that book where he signs it “Ezra.” And she leaves it right on top of all of the other books! Not only has she arisen her parents’ suspicions, but she has ruined their second chance as well. The fighting over Aria’s privacy and whether they should be worried about the boy caused Aria’s mother to leave again. I think I would be mad if I were Aria’s brother too.

Here are some random thoughts about this week’s episode:

Ian is creepy, even when drinking milk.

Seeing Jenna cry after Hanna slapped her glasses off her face was very sad. Maybe Jenna is just sad, lonely and isolated kind of like how Spencer described her childhood.

Spencer and Toby’s realtionship seems so innocent.

Paige needs to make up her mind. Also, is Emily ever going to mention Maya again?

So what is next for our fab four? Do you think the police investigation will spill over to the other girls or will the cops remain focused on Spencer? Will we ever get closer to finding out who killed Allison? Do we even care? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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