OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 7 Review

OUTCASTS (BBC) Episode 7

OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 7 – I have no idea what just happened. I think we just spent an episode chasing around a character who at first seemed to be shady, then appeared to be a victim of some sort of experiment, and finally ended up an abused wife with no connection to any other plot of import.

Carla only served as a reason for Fleur to find papers Cass had hidden away in his home, papers that say he used to be someone else (back on Earth?). Who was ‘Tom Starling’ and what did he do that necessitated the need for a new identity? Who the heck knows.

It was interesting how Fleur was the one to interrogate Cass. Bad enough that they’re partners, but anyone within a ten mile radius can see that they want in each other’s pants. Even more interesting was the revelation that Fleur is a late-pattern Omega subject. What does that mean? Is she a form of AC or something else shiny and new?

Stella spends the episode studying radio transmissions from last week and finds ultrasound embedded in the messages. Her team isolates it but it’s too weak to tell them anything. Stella decides that it was the planet’s Lifeforms (which will now be capitalised until we have an actual name for it/them) communicating to plan the attack on Josie Hunter and co.

A device is set up inside Forthaven to capture more of the ultrasound transmissions. Stella’s team (which now includes Tipper) discovers there are four letters being repeated in ‘infinite variations’. I’ll go out on a limb and guess these letters will be G, A, T and C. (Hands up, who else has watched Gattaca?)

Tate goes out on his own to talk to the ACs to find out what they know about the Lifeforms. It’s a disastrous trip; first he gets beaten up by Rudi’s men and then Rudi tells him that while the Lifeforms want humans dead, they’re okay with the ACs. Tate returns to Forthaven to find that Berger has made way in his plan to usurp Tate’s leadership. Berger also tried to get Stella onto his side but he’s about as subtle as a meteor strike and that plan crashed and burned.

I’m trying to be fair and objective with this show but this episode bored me rigid. You could probably skip it entirely and not miss a beat between episodes 6 and next week’s episode 8. The only decent plot point – Berger trying to assume control – was so heavy handed and badly done that it made me wish the Lifeforms would just kill the inhabitants of Forthaven. I don’t know who is on the secretly inbound transporter, but short of it being the second coming of Elvis, I don’t think I’ll be bothered to work up the energy to care.

I actually feel bad about disliking Outcasts so much after my enthusiastic review of episode 1. If you’re enjoying this show, please, go ahead and give a positive review in the comments. Next week is the series finale – what do you think it will bring?

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