MAD LOVE “Little Sister, Big City” Review

Mad Love (CBS) Little Sister, Big City

MAD LOVE “Little Sister, Big City” Season 1 Episode 4 – Anyone who has watched more than one sitcom in their life knows that the moment anyone starts describing someone we haven’t met yet as “shy and awkward” that they are going to be exactly the opposite. So it was no big surprise when Kate kept talking about her cute baby sister and all the cute things they were going to do, that little sis probably wasn’t gonna be all that cute.

Turns out little sis hates being treated like a little kid, but rather than tell her big sis about it, she instead tries to hide all the naughty things she does. The naughtiest of them all being when she sleeps with Larry. But even then, she keeps trying to hide the fact and manipulates Larry and Connie into lying that they were the ones who did the nasty. All together now…eeew!

In the end she admits and all is fine and dandy as the two finally talk about all their feelings. Which is great and everything but the most fun in this ep was watching Connie and Larry be each other’s wingman. It was the worst/best idea ever and I thought the results were hilarious.

My favorite bits..

Cracking up at Larry describing a relationship lasting longer than a week as an “unfortunate” thing.

Finding out that Ben is a fan of Annie.

Larry feeling the need to define what “hit that” meant.

Wondering if it was strange that I though Kate’s idea of a day in New York sounded fun.

This line from Larry: “It’s a meat market in here and the price of Larry’s bone-in rib-eye is through the roof.”

Julia and Larry?? Oh no they didn’t!

Larry forgetting Julia’s name. Classy.

Hey! Ain’t nothing wrong with Styx… wait. Did I just say that loud out? (or at least write that out loud?)

Best pickup line ever – “I want your booty in my bed.”

Cracking up at this: Larry: “I may be the first man who faked an orgasm.” Connie: “You faked it pretty quick.”

Julia’s ultra pouty face when she came back for her jacket.

Connie informing Julia that Larry shows up on Google maps. LOL.

Thinking that poking one’s fingers in one’s ears and going “La la la la la la” is probably not the best way to prove to someone that you’re not a child. Just sayin’.

Larry actually managing to do the job of a wingman. Huh, who’d a thunk it?

What did you think of this episode of Mad Love? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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